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October 26th 2017
Published: October 26th 2017
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I have now completed my 2 bus journeys. I tried to film and jotted notes of sights, sounds and feelings but even these do not say it all!

Seen from bus to Kalaw
Mountain river caves
Broken trucks
Building roads by hand, ladies shake sieves of gravel over larger rocks
Petrol stations
Monastery, shacks, stores, café, wooden house on stilts
Meiktila city town by lake or river
Catholic church pink
Pagoda in river, flood
Shiny gold dragon like temple

Oxen pulling cart, young woman driving
Sheep or are they woolly goats
Tuk tuk van filled seats, guys hanging on back parcels, baskets on top
Goats in the road, herd spread across, bus braked & stop blasting horn
Cows in motorbike tuk tuk

Trucks here not decorated, all very practical

Hear constantly blasting horn
Yutong advert Chinese company made the bus

Mandalay to Bagan
Inside bus TV - soaps. Video, some comedy, violence

Sun and clouds
Cart load of goats, goats wandering free by river, herded

Bikes and all usual vehicles
Open engines like tractors
Buffalo pulling cart and young white cattle tied to back to follow
Cows strung together and led by lady in conical hat
Brahman cattle
Pigs tethered and in bamboo crates on back of motorbikes
Full swirling rivers, river beds with streams weaving through
Guys shovelling sand from river bed into large truck

Past Meiktila, near empty roads is hardly any traffic but twisty and winding so overtaking not easy
Large herd mixed animals driven by several people one family?
Trees, many different varieties, some alone - quite spaced out, others in small clumps, tall palms, jacaranda, banana trees, large leaved trees flowering at top, near Bagan left side line of tree covered hills between road and temple area
Shrubs, grassland,
hills, driving up and down them and in the distance
People getting on the bus in town and now off in countryside
school girls
Mobile phone masts
Buildings of bamboo, palm leaf rooves, concrete (in towns), 1 brick

Heard - fellow passengers on phone, "hallo, hallo"
Music tracks local and western sung by cover artists eg Iron Cross this world's not big enough maybe?
Guy sneezing

Driver throwing water at engine parts of bus to cool it
20 minute break, fag time
Photo people
Rain spots
Sweet corn vendor
Many in western clothes

Desperate for loo
Relieved the conductor understood my request and stopped soon after
At home
Road is very bumpy
Glad I came this way


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