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June 2nd 2009
Published: June 2nd 2009
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Ho Chi Min city
Due to the lack of space and the length of the trip I did not buy souvenirs and sometimes that s painful. In my Saigon hotel Liberty 4 however they call stealing buying souvenirs.
There is a complete list of all the items you might steal from the room with prices.
That starts with the doorlock dong 500.000 via the ashtray dong 20.000 to the boiler dong 1.200.000
So actually you can take at least 20 listed items from the room as long as you pay it when leaving.

Had a haircut at the hotelbarber. That worried a bit for it seems the Vietnamese did not change their hairstyle since the french left after the beating they got at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. However they all left the barber with black hair. A chanche.
At the end no black hair still grey but not to badly cut either.

I looked at the drinking list in the 3 star hotel I m living and saw a cognac Remy Louis XIII for only Dong
40.000.000 what is about euro 1.600 per bottle. I took Hanoi beer.

11% of the Vietnamese are Roman Catholic but can that be a reason

In the Saigon main postoffice there are more than 12 different ATM s
to have in restaurants already Christmascarols? This morning I saw outside a Roman Catholic church an altar with Jesus, cross and so on.
However the praying was like Budhist are doing. Bowing and with the smelling burning sticks. Is that how Rome adapts?

I had a bit better look at the 38 counters of the postoffice. Every counter its own speciallity. So one counter Information Air Express. If you have got the information and want to do send something the girl say sorry I m just information and direct you to the next counter, That s how it works.
Postoffice is probably not allowed to make promotion for 1 bank/ATM so they have 3 rows of 4 different ATMS

Bought some food for tomorrow in the bus and some fruit.

My youngest son called me. Heard in the news a dutch died in Asia and wanted to check if I was the one.
I told him. Not yet.


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