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August 4th 2007
Published: August 13th 2007
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Saigon trafficSaigon trafficSaigon traffic

the insanity of the roads in Saigon
Just spent a couple of days in Ho Chi Minh / Saigon (again, not enough time). Luckily it's been very cool and overcast here. First day just spent wandering the city - it's even madder than Hanoi and the traffic is ten times worse. Went to see the War Remnants Museum which made for grim viewing and hung around the Backpackers Quarter which was pretty cool.

Next day went on a tour of the Cu Chi tunnels - a renovated part of the Old VC tunnels around Saigon. Really cool experience - it was raining heavily which made for a very Platoon-esque experience walking through the jungle and the gunshots from the firing range added to the atmosphere. The tunnels were very cramped - had to couch or crawl through 100 metres with very little light and was very claustrophobic, especially when there was a hold up and we had to just sit there for several minutes. Was glad to get out but fantastic experience. Then went to the firing range and bought 5 bullets for the AK47 and fired them off - very loud but felt really good, could get used to the revolutionary lifestyle.

So that's Vietnam

me and my AK47 - imperialist governments everywhere beware.....
- much too short a visit to see and experience everything, will definitely come back here to see it and the rest of SE Asia again.


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