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September 30th 2013
Published: September 30th 2013
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So I have now arrived into Ho Chi Minh city. 😊 It's definately not what I expected. As soon as I stood off the plane I realised. After waiting what seemed like forever for our backpacks (which I was starting to think that this was still in Dubai, or lost altogether) we went to get into our taxi. The humidity hits you straight away, it's not like your typical 'holiday' heat, well not the sort im used to in Greece ha. My first experience was the roads...... there are literally no rules, anything seems to go. If it's not taxis, cars and mopeds inter-twining, it's pedestrians just walking out in front of you just to cross the road. It was surreal, and for a few times I did think we was going to crash........ but we didn't.

The hostel is lovely and clean, were staying at Vy Khanh Hostel which was actually one of the top rated on Hostel World. On the first night we dropped off our bags and did the right thing... and went for a beer. Although I am just starting to get used to the currency here... things seem soo expensive as there priced in the thousand range, it really isn't. Last night we brought Siagon beer for 55,000 dong, which is equivilant to $2.50 (US Dollars).

Came to re-lock my backpack... and for some reason the code lock i have (and may I add paid alot for) has given up on me. It's great it lasted me a whole of 24 hours. Love it when that happens.

Had such a weird night's sleep. What being slightly sleep deprived, and then the time zone difference, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I had to find a new lock, I got dressed and everything, to think to myself... no go back to sleep. Woke up nice and early got ready had a coffee with the owner of the hostel, and of course, as my travelling companion decieds to go back into the room.... the key is then broken in the lock, even so they had to go get a locksmith out. Owwwww things keep breaking ha.

So today me and Louise have walked our socks off (literally as were wearing none). Walked for 5 hours round Ho Chi Minh to look at the sights. Went to the War Remenants Museum which was an experience. It was quite emotional inside as it has alot of graphic pictures and even has shells from bullets used and guns. I am very glad I went. and I had read up on the Vietnam war before hand, but now I totally have a different way of looking at it.

We then in true style had some amazing food off the street stall, and again, cost no more than $1 each. We visited the Notre Damn Cathederal, the Post Office and the Saigon Financial Tower. (Was a bit tight with our money though as didnt want to pay the 200,000 dong to view from the balcony, so we went in the other entrance for a 'Coffee" and viewed from about half way up. Gotta look after these dongs after all )

Tonight we thought we would treat ourselves to a massage true Vietnamese style. And how further from that could this have been. It was an experience, and I must say the first time I or Louise has been massaged from a blind person.

All in all, so far were having an amazing time. And can't wait for it to continue. Watch this space 😊


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