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August 7th 2012
Published: August 7th 2012
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After beef noodle soup for breakfast for the second day, please note we are now expected by the locals in the market - food fabulous and filling once again - we are becoming so Asian, ha ha - Day 2 now completed in the Disabled Orphanage and if I am honest feel a lot better tonight.

I was really sceptical this morning going in the taxi but was ok when I got up the stairs. I had a couple of teary moments especially when I was holding a little boy called Hue who has a head that is unbelievably large and growing all the time - his limbs are so thin and needs to be fed by syringe. He had tears running down his face which really hurt. I started playing "round and round the garden like a teddy bear" (cor I am in tears just writing this - to anyone who knows me - please do not read me in tears, remember I am the hard nut!!) and he smiled I think but if nothing else I held his hand and talked to him about all sorts - most of it nonsense but anyone who knows me that is not hard as I do it most of the time.

I ended up playing with a little girl who could walk with help so we ran around the floor, playing hiding from anyone we saw which was great as I got some immediate recognition - as said before I admire everyone who works and lives with disabled people - please anyone reading this do not think I am shallow - I just do not know what to do. Mike is convinced we are making a small difference and says just to see a small child smile when you are playing with them must be worthwhile. I am beginning to agree with him.

After lunch after going across about 10 roads with millions of motorbikes and cars coming at you we met a little boy who had been found in a park and was fending for himself - he was a cheeky little chappie who sang to us but if you need to look after yourself I am sure these are bleeding good traits to have. Mike decided that after seeing him catching balls (he was about 5years old) he should definitely be coached for the Vietnam cricket team!

Had a pedicure which is not like at home all they do is work on your toe nails but also got a colour - guess how much this cost £1.20 YES £1.20 and that included the nail polish - love my blue toe nails. A guy came in as I was having my pedicure and had a hair cut and it cost him 65 pence YES 65 pence.

We cannot take pictures inside the orphanage which to be honest I respect as it may be seen as disrespectful - would like to take a picture of the staff as they are a godsend to the children.

Well decided I can do a week of this as my thoughts and fears should be put to the back as these children just need someone to touch their hand and talk to them.

PS: when I feed the children I play open the tunnel for the train to go in with full sounds of choooo choooo and mummmmm mummmmm mummmmm they must think this woman is stupid!!!

PPS: can now seen the facebook photos and also catch up with what is going on in my old world which is great - somehow got around the Vietnam firewalls, for how long do not know though.

PPPS: hope everyone is ok and especially to all my old Co-op buddies who are being made redundant or already redundant keep your chins up if you have not already got a job I am sure one is just around the corner.


7th August 2012

Way to go, girlie for giving it another go today. Both Mike and I know, along with probably a few more people that you are not the hard bastard you make out. Actually I think only you think that hahahaha. Back at work today after a long weekend and it was a day from hell. But as you know, that is medicine for you. xxxxx to you both.
8th August 2012

Day 2
Its hard work and if I am honest is it rewarding for me - not sure but I suppose its not for me is it kid! What a change me not working and you are it feels weird - When you work your weekends are so precious and when you get an extended one it is brilliant isn't it apart from having to return. Hope you are still enjoying it
8th August 2012

Thanks Vicky for your comments - keep reading, ha ha

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