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January 12th 2017
Published: January 14th 2017
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We got up early and went down to breakfast as we were being picked up at 7.15 for our trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

We went to breakfast early so that we would get time to eat before we got picked up. the breakfast at this hotel was amazing and once again catered for everyone. After breakfast we waited in the lobby till our tour operator arrived. We ended up in a group with an Aussie family from Adelaide with Mum, Dad, 2 boys aged 18 & 16 and a daughter aged 14.

We were all taken by bus (via some pick ups at other hotels along the way) which took about an hour, to a place where we all got on a speed boat, where we were joined by another Aussie family with 2 young daughters (Lucy, 7 and Mia, 5) who live about 10 minutes away from us in Brisbane.

We then had an hour boat ride up the Mekong River, we saw all sorts of interesting sights and I would recommend this way of getting there to anyone as the bus trip can take several hours in the traffic.

At the Cu Chi Tunnels ur tour guide explained the history which was fascinating, it's hard to believe that during the war there were 3 levels underground which thousands of people lived in. Some children did not see daylight until the age of 5 as they had been born in the tunnels. When it came time to go into the tunnels, I only went down as far as the entrance to have a look and that was enbought for me. i get claustrophobic so I decided it was best zi didn't attempt it. Brad went the whole 100 metres and at one point said he had to leopard crawl to get through.

While we were there we also paid to shoot an AK47 each which was fun and I hit the target a couple of times which was better than many other people. The guns themselves were in poor condition and kept stalling which was annoying.

They then gave us a taste of one of the staples that they used to eat at the tunnels during the war which was tapoioca (similar to set potato or yam). It was boiled and served with crushed peanuts and sugar which was delicious.

Then went back down the river for an hour but this time we were with a different group of people, we still had the Aussie couple from Brisbane but the other family from Adelaide were catching the bus back as the boat was already full when they booked.

We then had lunch which was a delicious assortment of spring rolls, fish, tapioca, veggies, rice and meat.

Afterwards we all got back on the bus and made the treck back to the hotel, ours was the last drop off and the traffic was horrendous. We sat on the back seat with Lucy and Mia in between us to give Mum n Dad a break. Lucy had taken a real liking to me and was giving me lots of cuddles and Mia was chatting and giggling away with Brad. We were due to be back at the hotel around 2:30pm but didn’t get back till closer to 4pm.

When we returned we were planning on heading to the shops but Brad lay on the bed briefly and fell asleep so I decided to head to pool area instead and make use of the free vouchers I had for afternoon cocktails and as Brad wasn’t here to have one, I had 2 melon fizz cocktails which were delicious.

I then went back to the room and decided to put my head on the pillow for a few minutes and I too crashed, we woke up 5 minutes before we were supposed to be downstairs for our dinner reservations. We quickly got ready and went down and were seated to our table. The dinner was a six course degustation which was absolutely delicious.

We finished dinner at about 8pm so we diecided to get a cab to the other side of the city and go for a wander, we ended up finding some pop up markets which were quite similar to the ones in Hoi An but these had some different things. I bought some new Nike walking shoes (as my others stink after getting wet the other day) and bought himself some watches (genuine ones of course J ).

When we got back we packed our stuff, ready for our flights the next day.

We got back to our room about 11pm and packed up most of our stuff as we are flying out tomorrow.


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