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May 3rd 2010
Published: May 17th 2010
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most of the exhibits or some shops are inside this hut... its underground and makes u feel as if you're in the tunnel or a trench
I've always enjoyed war movies dating from the World War I and World War II... it's a shame how I've 'only' heard of the war in Vietnam but have no clue what it's all about.... how it started.... and how it ended... I must admit that it was more of a disturbing shock for me when I saw the other side (the vietnam side, since being in Canada all I see is the hollywood american war heroes) of the war during my visit at the Cu Chi Tunnel... and after I visited the War Remnants Museum at Ho Chi Minh it opened my eyes to the reality of war and what exactly happened during the Vietnam War... something more than the eye can explain... reading the description of the war remnants and seeing the pictures of the innocent children and people who got involved back in the time truly will give anyone the eerieness and feeling of sadness... this time... i didn't only travelled to Vietnam but being in Cu Chi Tunnel and inside the War Remnants... i also travelled back in time.... the Vietnam War...

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Cu Chi TunnelCu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi Tunnel

Map of the whole place... This is where the Vietnamese dug the tunnel and used during the Vietnam War
Photo 14Photo 14
Photo 14

children born with deficiencies caused by 'agent orange' a chemical bomb used by the American army
Photo 16Photo 16
Photo 16

mock of the prison cell used by the American army for captured POWs back in the Vietnam war
Photo 14Photo 14
Photo 14

during the war... this section pof the war remnants makes people realize how stupid is war... they ruin amazing cities... and kill innocent people and even animals...
Photo 15Photo 15
Photo 15

rebuilding of the city after the war
Photo 16Photo 16
Photo 16

a photograph caught by the war photographer when her village was bombed
Photo 17Photo 17
Photo 17

actual war photograph of a village that was attacked

18th May 2010
getting ready to try the tunnel

Glad to see that you are back. How was everything? I'm not even done with my blog yet. I have two more parts but been busy with work since I've returned. Vourn
25th May 2010

awww i know same here!! been very busy... i came back on the 9th of May it's been weeks now... just literally got back from New York today over the long weekend and there I have to keep up on my blogs... and this friday I'm headin down to Hollywood.... u said ur from san diego right?
26th May 2010

I started to redo my blog then I saw this. Yes I'm from San Diego. How long will you be in Hollywood? PM me here or email me if you still have my email. I'll respond faster.

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