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May 4th 2010
Published: June 4th 2010
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I've always dreamed of seeing Angkor Wat for as long as I can remember and this year, I packed my bags and off I go....

Cambodia is a country completely misunderstood... a lot of people see it as somewhere dangerous due to land mines and because of the war that had been going on for so many years. And because of the war, tourists had avoided visiting this beautiful, exotic country full of history and relics still yet to discover.

Our Cambodian guide did say, the cambodians are very tired of war... they just want to look forward to a better future... as of today, a war against the thais are going on because of a Khmer historical monument that is sitting right by the two countries that Thailand and Cambodia are fighting to decide who it belongs to.

But Cambodia, I must say is a very safe country and if there are talks of theivery or imperfections, think again... that goes on in every country at every part of the world... nothing is perfect... so to miss a beautiful country as Cambodia in your quest to travel the world... is a great loss...

The whole time I was in Angkor Wat, I was clicking away with my camera, mind you I brought two of them. I just don't want to miss the opportunity of recording every single bit of this Khmer temple. Every single temple surrounding and including Angkor Wat are hand sculpted by man. It amazed me to see every single exquisite art they have done, and unfortunately those artists and artisans are forever gone in the face of earth without us even knowing their names.

So as I was there, very busy taking pcitures, I lost track of time. Finally, our group went on top of the Angkor Wat, you have to go through a series of steep staircase but its worth the climb.

As the sun sets, I put my cameras away and stood right there in the middle of the top of the temple and let everything sink in. Sometimes we're so busy in our lives that we forget to just appreciate the moment... and so I did...

I felt tranquility and peace, it was quiet indeed but with the cool breeze and the empty chambers while the sun is setting - I felt history beyond my grasp. As I saw in my own eyes these last temples are traces of a high level civilization, with an exquisite taste for art. For that little moment, I found serenity and appreciation....

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4th June 2010

I loved your comments about Cambodia, and your photos were great! Reminds me of my time there and how misunderstood those parts of the world can be! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
9th June 2010

thank you i appreciate that and yes definetely I will check your site :D
9th June 2010

Glad to read that you got over the misconceptions of Cambodia or how us Cambodians would call it, "Srok Khmer". Told you so right? ;) I'm actually planning on going back this Nov to get my dual citizenship and getting a vacation home there for myself. Not sure if I want it in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh yet. Once things settle send me an email...would love to hear more about your trip. Vourn

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