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July 26th 2018
Published: July 29th 2018
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Sadly I didn't venture out much in this city because I was sick from seafood poisoning (it got worse). Luckily my room (at Ngoc Quy -a wonderful guesthouse) had a smart TV so I got into Netflix and watched Ken Burns' Vietnam pretty much nonstop for 2 days.

When I did leave the hotel for food and walks on the beach, I got stares and hellos on every block. There are hardly any Westerners or tourists.

I've never seen so many coffee shops, and they all seem to do well. Good coffee is easy to find anywhere in Vietnam.

The beach is vast and usually empty. During low tide, it's absolutely ideal for soccer matches (see photos). There were even some organized games going on.

The water is a bit murky and people were dumb enough to let their kids play with and break apart big blocks of Styrofoam in the water. Unbelievable.

I stuck to the only Western food in town, with pizza at Sisters Tavern and bar food at the Aussie-run Qui Nhon Sports Bar. Both were delicious and helped me to get my strength back.

I took the 5-hour
Roundabout in Qui NhonRoundabout in Qui NhonRoundabout in Qui Nhon

Not many fly that flag with pride anymore!
train from Qui Nhong to Nha Trang rather than taking another suicide van. The views were spectacular - rice paddies, mountains, and tunneling through jagged coastline.


The train got in about 40 minutes late, and by the time I took a moto-taxi to my hotel, it was after 8:30 PM. This city is obnoxiously loud and overflowing with tourists- a mix of local ones and Europeans wearing tank tops.

I thought about doing a multi-island tour the next morning until I read some of the hilarious 1-star reviews on TripAdvisor. Instead, I booked a midday ticket to Da Lat.

In the morning, the tour bus armies were clogging the intersections and waiting for the Borg to pour out of the hotels.

I went for a run on the beach and it was already crowded at 9AM. The water looked really pleasant for swimming and most people were in the water. A main road unfortunately runs right behind the beach, and several more high-rises were under construction.

Nha Trang was worth a day to see the beach and to eat at a good restaurant, but that was plenty for me.

As for
Soccer MatchSoccer MatchSoccer Match

Low tide on the beach in Qui Nhon is perfect for soccer or running.
Qui Nhon, get there now before it turns into Nha Trang!

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Tour buses and construction!Tour buses and construction!
Tour buses and construction!

On my half km walk to breakfast in Nha Trang, I counted 44 of these behemoths. But there aren't enough yet so let's build 40-story resorts!

3rd August 2018

Sick on the road
Nothing worse than getting sick while traveling especially food poisoning becuase you feel so bad longer than you want. Glad you are doing better.

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