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November 21st 2008
Published: November 27th 2008
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Nha Trang,
A big bustling city, and after a long bus ride we were delivered into the waiting arms of the local hotel hawkers once again. This time i was going to give it a go one of the pamphlets looked good and the driver said the right prices so off we go (while Lynne waited patiently). Not the first but the second had the best deal for us so i sent the drive back to collect Lynne, I chuckled to myself a little because i knew what her reaction would be to a motor bike rider telling her to get on with her large backpack.....Heheheh! After settling in (Lynne unzipping her bag and the accompanying explosion).

We decided to go for a walk, WOW look at the size of the cable car lets go have a look! So off we trot......1 hour looked a lot closer than it was but we strolled on and finally arrived at the ticket office of what we discover is a theme park "Vinapearl" the Vietnamese answer to Australia's Dreamworld. All we wanted was a ride on the cable car but it was a package thing so if we went on that we would automatically get entry to the park and all the rides. Price is 250,000vnd each, that's about $23aud each.

So we opted out. We caught local transport back to our hotel fro 3000vnd approx 30c Aust. Tomorrow we will hire some motorbikes and power our own way around the tourist spots. So to all the Easyrider hawkers pitching their tours, SORRY guys!(and there were heaps, it is a good organisation; but nag! think of the worst day of door to door sales people, you know like when Foxtel first was released and multiply that by 100).

Day 2 Na Trang,
Up early, and off for breaky. 2 Automatic motorbikes ready to run for the day...No fuel...Hmmmm.....just enough to get to the nearest petrol pump (a 72year old woman with a hand pump on the side of the road). Cute and not to much of a ripoff. Off we go firstly just for a tour around town and country side after lunch looking for some funky scenery, 3 hills which look like a woman lying down. Found it but by now there were a few which have overgrown and it looked like a post-menopausal woman needing a shave! Ok
I had a smile on my face the whole time...I had a smile on my face the whole time...I had a smile on my face the whole time...

except when a truck would pass and kick up dust.
enough now for lunch and off to the mud baths. This is new for both of us gettin' down and dirty on purpose and in broad daylight. As you can see by the pictures it was great fun, slippery, slimy, dirty and gritty. Pulled mud out of my ears for days after. From the bath you go into the hot spring mineral water shower at 38 deg-c, hot even for me! then into the hot spa - for a country that is very hot and humid they like to have everything they do hot, food, beer and spa's, kinda odd really. Out of the spa down to the hot mineral water waterfalls, then in for a quick dip. The pool was empty because it was bloody hot! Could not stay in long. Time to cool off, get changed and head back to the hotel. Oh! Here comes the rain. We don our plastic coats, our bikes roar into life and off we go.
Day 3 Na Trang,
On the bikes today again, Lynne wants to visit some more temples and such things, me i am happy to ride, wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth, horn blasting in my ears woohoo! Off to the Cham Temples not affected by the war. Next to Lac Cahn restaurant for lunch this is a busy spot and a highlight of the day it is in all the guide books and is well worth visiting. You cook the food your self on the table over a firing hot coal pot. I had Calamari, Lynne had Prawns and some rice and vegies. Yummmmmmm! Off to see the big Buddhas... one was sleeping and the other well i don't know if he had a specific name but he was a big boy sitting and looking mighty pleased with himself. No wonder...people offer him cigarettes, beer and Choco pies. Who wouldn't be happy. We had a quick ride through the markets then just a run to the cable car end of town. The map showed a road around the point but it was not there yet we tried and ended up in the narrowest lane in some backwater town with all the locals looking and laughing but always friendly. Getting late now time to head for home and take some fun action shots of us cruising on our mean machines. Tomorrow we head for BMT Buon Ma Thout. You figure out how it is said! I had a funny way of doing it but Lynne wont let me put it on here!

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