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January 19th 2013
Published: July 8th 2017
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Geo: 17.0849, 107.111

I feel a sense of space and contentment. Warm breezes, a beach side hut, swimming in big waves, and delicious food everywhere we eat. Pho is the national soup, eaten at breakfast and other times of the day. The stock is the key. I've tried pho many times and had the best pho stock at a local, sand-floored restaurant here. It was absolutely amazingly delicious! Food in Vietnam is the best....

We share laughter daily with the Vietnamese people - from our favourite corn vendor to the very friendly guy who works at the clothing store next door to us.

Mui Ne is becoming the kite-surfing center in the world and we were mesmerized by the activity.

Above - colourful half moons
dancing in the wind
Below - speed,
rooster tails of ocean spray
A graceful collection of dots on the waves.

Flying, hanging weightless
Maybe a somersault
And land
or plunge into the waves.
A dazzling ocean scene.

Palm leaves waving wildly
to the kite-surfers
Intense concentration
Every muscle engaged in the pursuit
of board, wind, wave, kite

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25th January 2013

Donna, You should really write for a travel magazine!!....your blogs are the first item I open when I bring up my emails every morning. I can't wait to read them.!! This sounds like the best place you've been. Beautiful pictures as well.Gre
at poem as well.....Enjoy the day!Nora
25th January 2013

Good Morning you guys definitely need to be a duo writer and photographer team. Awesome writing Donna, Gorgeous photos Jim. Enjoy we sure feel like we are with youThanks for sharingKeep the blogs coming, we LOVE themSue xo
25th January 2013

Yes! You two are the best.
25th January 2013

Brilliant, Donna. Now I know how my friends felt, when they'd read my posts about being in Venice, and other lovely spots, while they were holed up sipping coffee in a cafe on a cold and dark winter morning while their kids played hockey.
Even though it's a glorious sunny day here, and a bit warmer, it's still winter in Alberta and your blog is a vicarious vacation!
25th January 2013

The colours!!!
26th January 2013

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.Sylvia
26th January 2013

Donna and JimWhat a piece of heaven-it takes my breath away.Why is the water so uniquely green?
28th January 2013

and you weren't going to take your camera with you!!!! you have to plan an exhibit when you are back! thanks for keeping the blog and sending updates....inspiring!

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