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January 27th 2009
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The real dealThe real dealThe real deal

No, this is not a fake National Enquirer type shot
Well, that was a short break wasn't it?

It's all your fault Tordes. You threw down the gauntlet and it got picked up.

We set out to catch the local bus into Phan Tiet, which is over 20km from our hotel. We knew there were dragon boat races taking place to celebrate Tet. There we were standing at the bus stop, minding our own business when along come these two very persuasive guys with their bikes. Between their pleadings and Don's urgings, I finally agreed to get on one. Only after I had extracted many promises from my driver that he would drive carefully and there would be no crazy antics or rash moves. I spent most of the time looking to the side and praying for the 20k to be over. I felt like I was on that thing forever. Plus my helmet kept coming off my head, so I knew it was going to be useless when disaster struck - which I was sure it was going to, at any moment. To be fair to the driver, he did a great job and what do you know - we arrived in one piece. Don's p.s. to this little story is that a picture could not possibly capture the fearful expression on my face but, to be fair to me - at least I did it.

We arrived in town to find throngs of local people on the bridges and lining the river banks. We only saw two other tourists the whole time we were there. It was hot, hot, hot.

I found a spot under a tarp and even managed to scam myself a stool to sit on. Great, I thought, lucky me. This was all well and good until the races started and everyone surged forward to cheer for their favourite boats. I thought I was going to get crushed in the rush so I stood up. This move didn't make any difference as they then used me as a post to lean on. Their sense of personal space is much smaller than ours. I could see myself winding up in the water. As my good friend Janet (a champion Dragon Boat racer) was not taking part I decided to worm my way out of the crowd , find a spot to sit and wait for Don who, as usual was off doing his thing with the camera.

To some people we were more interesting than the races going on. They just stare and stare at us. All the kids want their photos taken and then want to see the results. They were also very intrigued with the watch that Don has clipped to his waist band (a pant loop watch?)

It was a great afternoon and a great experience. Midn you, we took a regular taxi home!

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Bamboo boat racingBamboo boat racing
Bamboo boat racing

This was a riot to watch

27th January 2009

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Don't complain about the heat though - we got more snow today with more to come.
27th January 2009

Bravo!!!!!!!!! I am really proud of you as I am sure it took all your courage to get on that bike but wasnt it fun! I thought you might start with a short trip not a 20k ride. LOL as always your blogs are so much fun to read. Its making me think hmm maybe we skip south america and head back to asia for our holidays. i guess I better discuss this with martin.
28th January 2009

Very brave of you guys! Sounds like you're having fun. We're enjoying your blogs.
28th January 2009

Yaaay!! You did it!!
Can I say..."I wish I was there".. one more time!! Never a dull moment that is for sure. Most people go the beach to kick back and be lazy... but not you two!! So much fun... keep it up. Next.. I expect Don to get you into one of those basket boats.. hahahaha
29th January 2009

Put in my comment one entry too soon. Congratulations, you did it! I didn't get a helmet then, but in Greece the outer shell kept seperating from its inner piece - quite hilarious. Keep up the good work...NiDi

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