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May 25th 2008
Published: May 25th 2008
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Mui NeMui NeMui Ne

The place we stayed
Sorry for the delay for this report, but the PC's in Mui Ne were just too slow and I couldn't sent it. So here it is......

Do you know how it feels sitting in a sauna, the sweat trickling down you back and you just want to clean out the fridge and sit in it…… Welcome to Mui Ne, the hottest place on earth. Well, maybe not but that’s how it feels.

You guessed it; we are not in Saigon anymore. After the Long Tan tour we moved on yesterday morning and took a bus to Mui Ne, a little coastal town. Long white beaches, the China Sea and not much to do. When we arrived yesterday after a 5 hour bus trip we checked out the hotels and found a nice one right at the beach. The rooms are huge, have AC and a shower and the total cost per night is…… $25. What a bargain. The only thing missing is my better half, but that is another story.

Mui Ne is a very small town on the South China Sea. Really not much to do then to relax. Unfortunately it is very close to Saigon
Mui NeMui NeMui Ne

The $25 room
and a lot of people from there use it as a short stay holiday. So hotels are build everywhere and very soon this town will be like so many places; just a hub of tourists, hotels and a spoiled paradise. It reminds me off places like Bali where I was 20 years ago. OK, there was tourism as well. But when I went back about 10 years later you couldn’t recognize the place anymore. And I didn’t like it at all.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the bus trip. Normally they are just long and uneventful. Well this one wasn’t. There was this 60 to 70 year old French on the bus and he had this kid with him. Not such a big deal s I thought he just took a kid somewhere. But when he started kissing here, and that full on, Michael had to hold me back. I was furious. This little shit went straight under my skin. There were other white people on the bus and nobody said a word. Right beside the guy sat an older couple and they just sat there in silence. I sat 3 rows back and Michael just reminded
Mui NeMui NeMui Ne

The sea view
me that we are in a foreign country and the prison cells are not as good as at home.

When we were about to leave the bus I couldn’t help myself and just told the guy what I think about him and what a disgrace he was. I was about to hit the guy when Michael pulled me from the bus. Well, I am sure that Michael did the right thing, but that excuse of a human being just deserved a good flogging. You don’t do this to children….. And just to sit there and except it is something what I can’t do. It is not right that these people come over here and abuse children. People like that should be shot. Full stop and if you think I am too violent, well so may it be.

Just think about it what you would do in such a situation……

Anyway, after we checked into the hotel we just hit the beach. It took me while to cool down from the bus trip….

Michael wanted to watch the state of origin so we went to look for a bar. I remembered one at the end of the
Mui NeMui NeMui Ne

What a hard life.....
beach, so we took off. And we walked for age’s right to the end. It didn’t seem to take so long last time and after a while we found out why - the town grew since I was here two years ago. A lot. After we checked every sports bar we could find and Michael came to the conclusion that there would be no bar showing the game we did the next best thing; go for a swim, and toasted our self on the beach.

And then we had dinner and I can honestly say it was the best dinner we had for a long time. And for all off us we paid about $50, including the drinks.

As it was Michaels last night we bought our self a couple of night caps and sat for hours on the beach, chatted like a bunch of old women, looked at the stars and contemplated life. And after a while drinking you can imagine how much crap we sprouted.

But it was nice anyway. From time to time one just has to let themselves go.

Michael is leaving today back to Saigon and tomorrow his trip will finish.
Mui NeMui NeMui Ne

Fisher men
Back to good old Sydney. I am not sure if he wants to go back, but I also know that he misses his kids and partner. And as we know, every trip ends one day. I only have 3 weeks left and I know how fast they will fly by. The only good thing is that I will meet up with my better half in 10 day……

The rest of us will leave on Saturday and head towards Cambodia. So we have another day of just slumming it on the beach and do nothing but swim, turn over so we get burned evenly and walk on the beach. I know, I know; it is a hard life, but someone has to do it

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Mui NeMui Ne
Mui Ne

Beach party Michael style.
Mui NeMui Ne
Mui Ne

Michael's going away beach party

26th May 2008

Mate you know I'm a man of diplomacy.........bahahahaha farking bash the pedo bastards, Mate we have a few thousand in the kitty to get you off.... its well worth it. James.

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