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April 5th 2011
Published: April 18th 2011
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After hearing about nightmare 34 long hour shaky bus rides to Hanoi from Vientiane we decided to spend the extra money and take a 50 minute flight for 90quid. Well worth it!

Now I must say I am very Pro-Vietnamese, I LOVE these people. Never have I before met a nation SO friendly, gratuitous and loving. Obviously there are still a few people out to make a few bob by ripping you off... yet they do it with a smile and are not persistent so easily totter off after a firm but friendly No.

Hanoi was Amazing, it's Busy, Chaotic yet Organized and a little Crazy, I absolutely loved it here at felt really at home!! The hotel we stayed at had a lot to do with it as they saved us the agro you hear about at the airport by booking the taxi for us and were the perfect hosts 'Hanoi Old Centre Hotel'.

Hanoi is full of cool Communist buildings and sites so theres plenty to do and see (Uncle Ho's mausoleum) along with Loads of shops with cheap 'knock offs' that look the nuts so there's also plenty to buy (did I mention I Love This Place?).

After 4 days of sight seeing we took an over night train to Hue

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Uncle Ho's final resting place...Uncle Ho's final resting place...
Uncle Ho's final resting place...

...where you can pop in to see him as long as he's not on his annual trip to Russia for maintanence!
Hanoi HiltonHanoi Hilton
Hanoi Hilton

Where senator John McCane was imprisoned during the war.
The best hotel staff, ever!!The best hotel staff, ever!!
The best hotel staff, ever!!

If you stay in Hanoi, stay in this hotel.

18th April 2011

Hello my darlings, So glad you're having a fantastic time - I don't think I have ever seen Emilie looking so relaxed; perhaps that was the Fanny icecream and shoe shopping though?! Loads of love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18th April 2011
Health and safety????

What a great place :D
22nd April 2011

Good evening from London
WOW! Beautiful place! You both look very happy and relax xxxxxx I'm still interested to know what temple is the 'Temple of Something' ;D
24th April 2011

Try before you buy!
What was the verdict on the ice-cream...or was sampling forbidden?;)

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