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April 4th 2009
Published: March 30th 2009
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Ongoing worksOngoing worksOngoing works

Ceramic pieces are inlaid by the workers.
Other sections of the mosaic wall have been completed, so on Saturday 28 March I went to the site to take some more photos. Fortunately, I saw the ongoing works and some workers were inlaying ceramic pieces into the concrete wall. The pictures on some completed sections are of flowers, trees, typical houses in Hanoi's Old Quarter, waves, fishes swimming in the sea and artists playing traditional instruments. The most important section of the wall has a mosaic depicting a pair of dragons with figures "1010 - 2010" at Chương Dương intersection. 1010 was the year when Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam and in 2010 we will celebrate the Millennium Year. The old name of Hanoi was Thăng Long (soaring dragons), so this animal can be seen in many pictures.

Three weeks ago, I received a letter from Executive Manager of the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project. He found my entry about the wall published in October 2008, so he wanted to thank me for my interest in their art works and since then we became friends. In March, they organized a drawing day "I paint my dreams" for street kids in Hanoi and Bắc Ninh province. Their pictures will then be used as an idea for the mosaic section titled "Hanoi Message". I was busy with a trip to Khoang Xanh, so I couldn't join them in this event.

The Executive Manager of the project told me that they are going to meet and talk with street vendors and motorbike drivers on Hanoi's streets and ask them about their opinions and ideas for some mosaic sections. He is also travelling in the Central Highlands at the moment to study traditional patterns of this region, which will then be applied to the wall. We'll wait and see their next works.

Here is the link to website of Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project


The mosaic wall along the Red River (con đường gốm sứ ven sông Hồng) is one of the works for celebrating the Millennium Year of Thăng Long - Hanoi in October 2010. The great idea was thought up by Ms. Nguyễn Thu Thủy, who is a Vietnamese painter. She and some young painters in the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project wanted to decorate the grey concrete wall of the dike along the Red River in Hanoi and make it become bright ceramic pictures, which show Vietnamese history and culture during periods of Phùng Nguyên - Đông Sơn and dynasties Lý - Trần - Lê - Nguyễn. There will be 6 major sections on the whole wall. Material for the wall is available at some famous ceramic villages in northern Vietnam, especially Bát Tràng village in Hanoi and also provided by Thạch Bàn Company.

In September 2008, the first section of the 30m mosaic wall from An Dương gate to Yên Phụ was completed. The pictures on the wall are the birds (chim hạc) and Lạc Việt hill tribe people as carved on the traditional bronze drum of Vietnam, as well as the boats and rowers, sun, animals etc.

Upon completion in October 2010, there will be a 6,000m mosaic wall from Âu Cơ street to Trần Khánh Dư street, even on some bridge piers at the intersections along the Red River in Hanoi. It will also be the longest mosaic wall in the world.

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Close up of dragon pictureClose up of dragon picture
Close up of dragon picture

There is a scaffolding at the site. The most important section of the wall has a mosaic showing a pair of dragons at Chương Dương intersection. 1010 was the year when King Lý Thái Tổ chose Hanoi as the capital. 2010 will be the city's Millennium Year.
Picture of birdPicture of bird
Picture of bird

This bird is carved on the traditional bronze drum of Vietnam.

30th March 2009

This is so intersting airticle!
I've been linking your one! Would you link to this site? I'm looking forward to sharing the pleasures with you!
30th March 2009

Wow, it looks so nice. I can't wait to see the wall. Do you know when the work (total 6 km) is completed? Thanks a lot.
30th March 2009

what an amazing project - will have to make sure we take a look next time we visit
31st March 2009

October 2010
The 6,000m mosaic wall along the Red River will be completed in October 2010 when we celebrate the Millennium Year of Hanoi.
2nd April 2009

Beautiful Wall
Thanks for the update on the wall, it is beautiful. Keep up the good work, I have read everyone of your bloggs :-) Cheers from Charles
16th July 2010
the mosaic walls are art.....amazing......

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