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September 15th 2008
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So I wasn't looking forward to a 12 hour flight to Singapore... not at all!! and at check-in I found out I was flying with Singapore Airlines rather than Virgin which was stated in my ticket, although this turned out the be a blessing. I ended up actually having to buy a return ticket from Hanoi to Singapore to show I was actually going to leave the country... this was going to be refunded later. Because of this I ended up being the last person the check-in, but this made no difference to my seat... I was able to get an exit row seat which was worth its weight in gold!! They also had widescreen TV's and not one but two round of drinks before dinner!! i had a Singapore sling and Tiger beer... how Singaporean of me.

12 sleepless hours later and I arrived at Singapore airport which was such a contrast to Heathrow... it was almost like a calm zen airport. This could have been because it was about 7am, but i think even at rush hour it would be more relaxing than Heathrow's grave shift. The airport was pretty sensational, attractions included a free cinema, free internet, free gaming stations and nice little orchid gardens with Hoi fish.

4 hours later I was in Hanoi airport and after passing though into the arrival area i realised that my lift wasn't there which was obviously fantastic!! I finally got the travel info desk to call up the hotel and about 5-10 minutes later I was on my way.

Now Hanoi (and im guessing Vietnam) has extremely fun roads... on the way down we drove down a 2 lane road although this turned out to be a 3 lane, my driver was crusing down the middle of the road swerving in and out of mopeds and cars alike... which was fun.

I finally got to my hotel dripping wet from the humidity, settled quickly into my room then departed for my first walk round the city. This didnt last long and I returned to my room to relax but still making the effort to stay awake so I wouldn't completely mess up my time zone change.


17th September 2008

Life in the fast lane1
Wow Sam, sounds as if you don't need to go to a theme park anymore-just drive around Hanoi on the highway for a white knuckle ride!
20th September 2008

Next installment
Hi Sam How's it going. Looking forward to hearing your news and seeing some pics of your first few weeks in Nam. How's the weather? and more importantly the food?miss you Love M x
26th September 2008

those tuck tuck drivers r shit loads of fun, enjoy Take car bredrin,
30th September 2008

its all about the motos!! fun crossing the street and fun on the back!!
10th October 2008

Sunbathing in Berwyn
Hi Sam. just wanted to let you know what great weather we are having in Berwyn, have even put on my bikini and sat out in the sun. We are off to Charlston in s. Carolina next week for 4 days, weather should be good there too. How did your cooking day go? I will expect great culinary masterpieces from you next summer. Love you and hope all is well. M x

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