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February 25th 2008
Published: February 25th 2008
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Some flowers at workSome flowers at workSome flowers at work

Today our office is presented flowers from Mobiphone.
My working day starts at 8:00am, when I go through a gate into the construction site where I work. The security guards stand at the entrance gate checking workers ID cards. Every morning I see workers gathering to do exercises following Japanese music. Sometimes I smile when passing by them, seeing their natural actions, and feel they look like children at a kindergarten.

I work for the Japanese consulting company, which is in charge of designing, supervision of civil works as well as installation of broadcasting equipment for the Vietnam Television Center Project (VTV Project). My office is located on the second floor. From there we can view the building which is under construction. Upon completion, when all the safety nets, scaffoldings and cranes are moved, we will see a new television center with modern studios and equipment inside it. When I first came to this place in 2006, it was just an empty site. Now there is a 5-storey building which is in process of the finishing works.

Crane, scaffolding and gray color of concrete are my usual views every day. It's so different with great views of the Giza Pyramids or Bagan Temples that I've seen when I traveled. Many people thought I traveled a lot, because I worked for a travel company. That is not true. I have always worked in the construction industry. My work is related to project promotion and performance. Construction is an interesting industry that has given me the chance to travel throughout Vietnam to find new projects, as well as to meet with many interesting people in the different projects.

Vietnam is changing. I am so glad to be one of the young people in Vietnam who could contribute our energy and capability to the construction process of the country. I have participated in bidding for some important projects like the Hải Vân pass tunnel project, the Sài Gòn river crossing tunnel project, as well as the projects for hydropower plants, hospitals, schools, hotels, factories, bridges and highways. There is more pressure when working for a construction project, as we have to catch up with the progress schedule. Things sometimes are not easy, however we must find out the best solutions for the purpose of a successful project.

A few years later....

On Wednesday 7 September 2011, we organized the Opening Ceremony of the new building of the Vietnam Television. Mr. Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, Prime Minster of Vietnam, also went to the site and made a speech at the ceremony. See my blog: New building of the Vietnam Television

The photos in this blog were taken at the construction site of the VTV Project in Hanoi during 2008 - 2011.

Additional photos below
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The gate into the construction site The gate into the construction site
The gate into the construction site

"Safety first" - Everyone has to remember it when entering the site.
Ongoing workOngoing work
Ongoing work

Open hole for mechanical duct.
This is my desk This is my desk
This is my desk

I have a computer, calendar and lots of documents that need to be translated. The calendar on the wall is of Vietnam Television.
Entrance gate to my office (summer 2009)Entrance gate to my office (summer 2009)
Entrance gate to my office (summer 2009)

This is the way into the construction site where I work. Everyday I feel so nervous when riding my motorbike up and down this slope as it looks so dangerous.
Some flowers at work Some flowers at work
Some flowers at work

Sometimes we have flowers and candy.
The project information board The project information board
The project information board

This board is placed at the entrance gate of the construction site.
The warningThe warning
The warning

It means "Protective shoes must be worn".
Mixing mortar Mixing mortar
Mixing mortar

View from window of my office.
Workers are doing morning exercise on the site Workers are doing morning exercise on the site
Workers are doing morning exercise on the site

These workers are doing morning exercise following Japanese music.

7th April 2008

Thanks for your wonderful blogs and pictures. I am travelling to VN this summer ( first trip back in 25 years). I am trying to catch up on information re. VN since my memory/knowledge of VN is way out of date. Looks like you have an interesting job esp. the travelling part. Also interesting to see the workers exercising in the morning( or is it more stretching/warming up?) since I assume that their works are likely a good exercise by themselves.
4th August 2009

Construction site
Dear Hong Ha I'm glad to know you are enjoying both working and travelling. And, you are so beautiful in various Ao Dai blended-in with historic sights. Best Wishes Kob

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