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February 3rd 2008
Published: February 3rd 2008
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A rare photo of the only Vietnamese girl I know who doesn't like her photo taken. She let me take her to Ba Nung's Coffee shop. The photo is overlooking Hang Be Street where I live. She ordered hot lemon. I ordered cam da (orange juice in ice) She had a hard time figuring out why I wanted ice in my juice.
Loannie II

I got an email from Loannie my Couchsurfer friend: “I’m sick, can’t talk, can’t breath, and can’t get out of bed.”

I wrote back: “I’m sick too. I have been in bed for two days, Have a fever, no appetite and am throwing up.”

A day later, I am finally out of bed and dressed, on my way out to find something to eat and I get this phone call: “This is Loannie; I am on my way to your hotel.”

Loannie somehow got over her sickness much faster than me and was on her way(ten mile one way) to “take care of me.”

She arrived with all kinds of medicines, an extra blanket and severe chewing out for me for having a little candy in the room. Knowing I am diabetic, “don’t you know you can’t have candy?”

She is strong willed, bossy at times and I’m lucky to have her as a friend (niece). She calls me Uncle Kent.

She is an Angle of Mercy and never ask for anything but is always giving.

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Trying on the scarf she knitted for meTrying on the scarf she knitted for me
Trying on the scarf she knitted for me

She also went to the market and bought some kind of weed that she hung around my room so it would smell better.

3rd February 2008

Sorry you've been sick. Jim and I are staying heathy, but there's lots of "crud" in the US too. We've had a nice weekend in northern Colorado with our "kids". To celebrate Doug's birthday we all went to a dinner theater in Boulder to see "Little Shop of Horrors". Glad that you have a sweet "niece" to take care of you. Stay well. Cousin Camilla

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