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March 31st 2019
Published: April 2nd 2019
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Hello and welcome to the Boesabroad travel blog for our trip to Vietnam

Come back often to see what we’ve been doing as we travel around this remarkable country.

For our part, we’ll try to give you a blow by blow account of what we get up to. You never know you might get some information you never knew you needed. And if we’ve done our job well, you should have a deep yearning to visit Vietnam yourself. Let’s see, shall we?

First, let’s meet the team.

Wendy- A Brighton belle forever wondering how she ended up living in landlocked Stockport. Sometimes known as ‘mah sweet’ for reasons no one really understands. A pet lover and connoisseur of fine foods and wines. A seasoned traveller who's unfazed by the slings and arrows of foreign climes. If pressed though, Wendy prefers warmer countries and do not mention New York 2017.

Mark- Spouse of Wendy, he’s a man of many monikers. Do we call him Malcolm, Chief or Presh? Who knows? An aficionado of all things punk with an insatiable appetite for warm beer and smooshy pie. You can be sure Mark will drink in all Vietnam has to offer. That’s a lot of beer. Good luck everyone!

Carolyn - Long suffering wife of your narrator. This is her second foray to Nam, and she plans to see everything she missed the first time and more besides. Whether it’s again braving the madness of the bike-filled streets of Hanoi or eating live prawns in Saigon. If it’s got the Vietnamese flag on it, Carolyn’s having a go.

Anthony - Your narrator and guide. Another Nam second-timer with a plan to go into full Apocalypse Now! Mode on arrival. He’s not known as Captain for nothing. If there is a heart of darkness in this country, Anthony will find it. When he’s not scribbling this blog, he’ll be taking his chances on the mean streets of Hanoi or Saigon looking for another bowl of Pho and a Bann Mii to dip into it. Otherwise, he’ll be fearlessly taking on the traffic knowing that unless you’re very unlucky, you should survive even the most reckless of road crossing manoeuvres. (If required, details of where you can contribute to Anthonys memorial fund can be found at the end of this blog series)

OK, that’s the team, let’s get on with it...

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