Wracked with doubt but armed with a sense of duty

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December 16th 2011
Published: December 15th 2011
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Wracked with doubt, I find myself contemplating the point of all this work I am doing and the feed-back I am getting from others makes me question my motives. Should I or shouldn’t I? What’s the point? Is there a point? Am I doing more damage than good? Will I alter the fragile existence of lives with bullish western tactics and dreams not ready to be inflicted upon my poor victims?<span>... Read Full Entry

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15th December 2011

Soul searching
Jessica, you are asking yourself all the right questions. Do people really want or need to be rescued? If they find a way to make a better life for themselves it may mean more. What do you think? Men and women with good intentions have taken animals and or plants from one country to another and disaster has occurred. From these acts indigenous plants and animals have been wiped out.....unintended but none the less the changes have been devastating. As we've traveled around the world we have found some of the poorest people to be the happiest. They are content with what they have even though it does not seem to be enough by our standards. Finding the balance is the key and you have hit on the right questions. Only you can answer them for yourself. Loved the blog!
15th December 2011

Life is never simple is it? But all I can think is that if I was cold and hungry and my children left for days starving, I too would hope some Western angel would turn up and help me out. You are like a lottery win, and perhaps that is the problem....how do you help without making them dependant on you? I utterly agree education is the way forward and key to everything. It so easy isn't it sitting in my comfy house .... I want to help, so sign me up and count me in!!
15th December 2011

Hi, from Argentina
Dear traveller: your blogs are excellent, your pictures are great BUT your spirit is special... Thank you. Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
16th December 2011

Very Sad
Some of those pictures simply bring a tear to my eye. It is hard to see the suffering that is going on, but you are right, some people may not want to be rescues. Just because some of us live surrounded by technology and noise does not make it right for everybody.
16th December 2011
Photo 24

That picture is cool
17th December 2011

but one person can help one or two and make a difference in their lives. You are helping much much more...at Sapa. What is called gut feeling must guide you from there. Loved the natural colours in your pics...they took me there.
22nd December 2011

Loving the Blog
Hi Jess - first off - amazing photography - I know you love your job back here in blighty but I really think you should try and make a career in photography - stunning portraiture x Lots of people have made the same points that I would make about whether or not the people you are helping "need" or "want" help, especially when viewed from our perspective of relative affluence. Wishing you a very happy christmas and a fantastic new year with hugs and kisses from a cold, damp Kent xxx Caroline and Dan xxx

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