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January 12th 2008
Published: January 12th 2008
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Snoppy NoseSnoppy NoseSnoppy Nose

From left move North of the Mekong to 25 which is right on a river that looks like Snoopy's nose. The site of many battles of the Riverine Force and 9th Inf Div. Right NE of the top of Snoppy Nose is where I was wounded and I regained control of the A/C one foot above the Mekong between the Snoppy Nose area and the island.
On to Vình Long and Snoopy Nose

Vình Long is a robust town of 124,000 on one of the fingers of the Mekong as it breaks up before dumping in the ocean. It is a more modern looking city then most Vietnamese cities with wide streets, sidewalks that are tiled and more modern looking stores. It is served by the beautiful Vinh Long Bridge which I forgot to take a photo of. Just east of Vình Long is where one of the three most intense moments in my life took place. The other two were in Xuan Lóc Vietnam and the other was in Camp Casey South Korea. All involved helicopters.

Without getting into the particulars I will just say for now I always wanted to visit this battlefield. What I remember from the air I wanted to stand on the ground and get that perspective. It was not to be. Although from a map it looks easy to find, the actual ground has changed from a place of grass and few trees with no houses to many houses and all trees. I believe even new islands have formed in the Mekong in the last forty years. So this was my last try to find:”Snoopy Nose” as the area was called. But, I had fun trying. Met some nice folks along the way and I am not sorry for trying again.

To make this journey I hired a boat and a guide. If you ever need a guide I would like to recommend Nguyễn Trường Giang. Cell phone: 0917209544. He speaks fair English and he is as good as you can probably get in Vình Long.

I enjoyed this town very much and the boat ride down the Mekong, crossing through islands in canals and watching the farmers bringing their crops to the floating market by way of boats. Then the huge retail market in town. Also they have a modern superstore in town much like Walmarts in the US.

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Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang

12th January 2008

River ride down the Mekon
Thanks Kent, fabalous pictures. If I evewr get there I'll look up your guide. Ray
23rd March 2011
Snoppy Nose

snoopy nose
I was with the 9th ARVN in Sadec. If we're talking about the same place, we called it "The fishook"

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