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January 13th 2008
Published: January 13th 2008
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Miss Hòa
A Future Rotary Youth Exchange Student?

In 2002 when the Unification Library was dedicated they had the children of the area sing and dance and as always the children were as good and cute as can be. The star of the show was a little Miss Hoa, who lived just across the canal and could really sing and dance well. Every now and then I would hear news of Miss Hoa, how good a student she was and that the Church sent her to Saigon to study the electric piano under Bich Lieu Nguyen’s guidance. She learned a lot in one summer and when she returned to Canal B she was appointed the Church organist.

Every time I showed up at the Unification Library and they had the children perform it was Miss Hoa at the electric Piano. She also made the “Rotarian” magazine when Rotary International sent a team to photograph some of the Rotary projects in Vietnam in 2003. She appeared in the July 2003 issue.

So now she is the Assistant Librarian of the Unification Library and studying English like mad to become a Rotary Youth Exchange Student to the United States. I feel she has everything to become an outstanding Exchange Student. She just needs the opportunity.
I will provide that opportunity if she learns English well enough and can get a visa. I believe with Trang Nguyen’s experience and that she came back to Vietnam our United States Counselor Section in HCMC will give her that opportunity.

I am hoping Kinsley Rotary will be the host club. They did a terrific job with Trang and Kinsley High School was very good to Trang too. Also I am impressed with the fact that at Kinsley the Club always has the exchange students attend every meeting if at all possible. Also Kinsley has the Kinsley Library, the Sister Library of the Unification Library, one of the most enterprising libraries in Kansas. I hope they will let her work in her spare time as a volunteer. Also, Kinsley has some outstanding Rotary Mothers. I want this child to be hosted with great families. Kinsley is the place I want her but if that doesn’t work out I am sure I can place her with other clubs. She will be a great Rotary daughter. When she goes back to Vietnam she will have three more years of high school and living across from the Unification Library and being the Assistant Librarian and trained by Kinsley Library, this will be great for the Unification Library.

She doesn’t have email yet but she does have a postal address. It is:

Tạ Thị Khánh Hòa
Số Nhà 36 3B, T
Thạnh Thắng
Vĩnh Thạnh TP Cân Thơ
Việt Nam

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Much younger days as featured in the RotarianMuch younger days as featured in the Rotarian
Much younger days as featured in the Rotarian

Miss Hoa on right. She always looks perfect.
Miss HoaMiss Hoa
Miss Hoa

Miss Hoa raises rabbits to help the family food supply

13th January 2008

Miss Hoa
kent; OK now I have seen a picture of Mis Hoa. She is a doll! She will be appearing in future issues of Stripped Gears. Ray
13th January 2008

Miss Hoa
Email me the stripped gear issues and I will mail them to Miss Hoa.
13th January 2008

Kinsley and Miss Hoa
Hi Kent - Fun to read about your plans for Miss Hoa in Kinsley. I'll share the news with my cousin Jane Britton Schmidt. Her husband just had a knee replacement this week. She's had some correspondence with Steve Converse. Bad storms in Oklahoma knocked out his electricity for several days, so he didn't send Christmas cards. He also has a new girlfriend! now that he's divorced from Mary Betty. Good luck on getting Miss Hoa over to the United States. I know you'll be a big help with her English. Cousin Camilla
15th January 2008

King of the Universe
Great blog. I looked at the pictures and felt homesick. Our trips to Vietnam are starting to feel like I have another family. All the work you and the rest of do is addictive in a positive way. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Vietnam.
21st January 2008

Miss Hoa, Future Rotary Exchange Student
Kent: We could, as Rotarians, learn so much from Miss Hoa. I hope we can get her into the program. Someone that has such a desire, should succeed.

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