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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho November 15th 2019

Efter en flyvetur Da Nang - Can Tho, er vi kommet til Mekongdeltaet i Sydvietnam. Efter landing var vi straks afsted på en byvandring for at indtage stemningen i Can Tho. Målet var at besøge et fransk-vietnamesisk hus fra kolonitiden. Det er et af de bedst bevarede huse fra den tid. Det spændende ved huset var at den forreste del var bygget i fransk kolonistil mens den bagerste del var bygget i vietnamesisk stil. Inden vi kom til vores hotel nåede vi også at køre forbi et aktivet buddistisk tempel hvor omkring 50 elever både munke og eksterne elever bor og modtager undervisning i den buddhistiske lære. Can Tho er meget kendt for sit vandmarked som er i fuld gang allerede ved solopgang. Så næste morgen var vi, tidligt oppe for at opleve den spænende aktivitet ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho May 18th 2019

Today we saw the floating river markets- what an absolute treat! We were very lucky as we had arrived later than the locals typically "go to market" and yet, we had some boats clip on to ours and offer up their goods. We were also lucky to have Vietnamese women on board who were all about the shopping - I loved it! I was right in the middle, somehow, and caught it all. I got to try passion fruit, jack fruit and that beautiful fruit - durian. It was fantastic. We then went over to see how rice noodles are made and did a little shopping. The food was not that good in Can Tho and if I understood the guide correctly it is because their history of colonization has confused the culinary experience (again, not ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 14th 2018

Le trajet de Phu Quoc à Can Tho a été un des pires - il m'a un peu rappelé le trajet entre Chiang Mai et Pai en Thaïlande où tout le monde était malade dans le minibus. Ça commençait déjà mal dans le bateau qui nous a amené jusqu'au continent: j'ai été super malade, alors que je ne suis habituellement pas malade en mer. Un bus nous a ensuite déposé à la gare routière où on a attendu un minibus pour Can Tho. Une dame nous a dit d'attendre puis elle nous a crié de monter dans un minibus alors qu'il partait. On a dû lui courir après. Le minibus s'est avéré être un minibus local que nous avons donc partagé avec 14 vietnamiens, deux caisses de poissons, et plein d'autre bazar. L'odeur dans le minibus ... read more
Séance photo devant faux cerisiers en fleurs

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 13th 2017

A bonus of Global Village Trips, is the great excuse to extend my travel and visit a nearby area that I may have otherwise not seen. This trip was no exception. Me and two of my teammates decided to extend our trip and do what we nicknamed the “Survey Tour of Vietnam”. There were many options to explore nearby in Southeast Asia. We choose Vietnam because it was doable in the short amount of time we set aside, reasonably priced and we had heard so many good things. I wasn’t disappointed! I traveled with Rick and Delores, fellow board members from Habitat Wake. I had two things that were musts on my Vietnam list; doing a float trip on the Mekong Delta and cruising Ha Long Bay. We used both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi ... read more
Our Talented Pilot
Making Rice Noodle
Our Pilot Hamming it Up

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho April 4th 2016

Nous revoilà! Il est difficile de mettre le blog à jour vu que nous sommes soit partis en vadrouille soit nous dormons! Donc nous avons décidé de quitter OCM sa pollution, son bruit et des scooters pour le Delta du Mékong! Nous avons réservé un tour via notre hôtel pour 2 jours et une nuit. Enfin, heureusement que Christophe a vérifié car notre hôtesse à l'hôtel est charmante mais son anglais est limité comme la plupart des gens ici, ce qui limite les discussions et les échanges. Et elle nous avait réservé la mauvaise excursion. Nous avons donc pris le bus pour le Delta du Mékong : nous avons un bateau pour toutes les personnes de notre groupe et avons visite deux des principales îles du delta : l île de la licorne et l ile ... read more
ballade en pirogue
Bonbons a la noix de coco

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 22nd 2016

What a wonderful day boating in the Mekong Delta! To get there we drove for about an hour and a half. My first impression about all the businesses being on the street wasn’t too far off; Thuy explained that the family business is on the ground floor and the family lives above. Great grandparents are given the most respect so they live on the second floor, since climbing stairs would be difficult, and the Buddhist shrine is there also. The one to three floors above are for all the other generations. This helps explain why most of the newer houses are tall but not very wide. The best of these have great gardens on about half of the top floor, with a canopy roof providing shade and protection. Thuy said that in some of the houses, ... read more
Life on the Mekong Delta
Cutting Popped Rice candy
Snake Liquour

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho November 11th 2015

It was pitch black and starry when we walked to the jetty on the river at the front of the homestay. A boat was to carry us to the floating markets on the Mekong River, and as always, markets start super early in the day, so I'd been up since 4am. Quite a few locals causally passed us in their boats, carrying wares such as melons, vegetables and fish. One boat was full of live geese which appeared to be loose and enjoying the ride, but I'm sure the reality of it is rather different. Fishermen/women were also abundant. Daylight eventually decided to put in an appearance as we arrived at a small floating market called Phong Diem. The men and women were busy working and mostly ignored us, passing goods from one boat to the ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho November 11th 2015

If you're due to get up at 4.30am anyway and you're in a baking hot room with no fan or air con what you REALLY don't want is someone's alarm going off at 3.30. When that person doesn't appear to know how to turn it off and it keeps going off, patience can wear a little thin. Especially if there are some puppies whining all night as well. Oh and I've just remembered, early in the night something had been pulling the mosquito net tight from under the bed....I don't know what and don't really want to guess.... So we were up earlier than we should have been but we were soon on a trip on a boat down river to a floating market. The trip began in darkness but some fantastic photo opportunities soon became ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho November 10th 2015

Cycling in the dark with only reflectors is never clever. Doing it in Vietnam amongst mopeds, motorbikes, vans, all going in random directions is insanity. Add to that following a young guide who, it turns out 'doesn't know the law' and tries to make you turn into the fast moving heavy traffic, that was my nightmare and I'm grateful to still be alive. But what an experience!!! I'd set the alarm for 7am forgetting that it was still set for 5.30 too. Oops! After a solid sleep I was fully awake and the local cockerels were determined to be heard again and again and again. So Glyn and I both got up and took advantage of having the place to almost to ourselves - although there were a few people about sweeping up. I was filming ... read more
Child at market
Our room at homestay

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