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September 3rd 2012
Published: September 18th 2012
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So I left for Vietnam today, the only leg of my journey that I will be travelling on my lonesome! My family left me and its now me, myself and I.....oh dear!

I take the boat from Phonm Pen to Chau Doc, Vietam. Vietnam, a nation of carnivores! I was worried about, what the hell am i going to eat? I was pleasently surprised when my vegetarian hotel receptionist said that most food stalls in the street were pure veg and there was a local veg restaurant just down the road...RESULT! I enjoyed spriong rolls and noodle soups to my hearts content, ordering everything through sign language, as English was not spoken in this old port town.

I booked a homestay in the Mekong Delta, with the Hotel in Chau Doc, which was 5 hours away by bus and then 1 hour by motorbike taxi. The receptionist told me the bus will drop me on the high way, "you get a motorbike taxi no problem" she continued sensing my anxiety "plenty there, just show them this address and they will take you".

I got on the bus the following day, 6 hours later, i get literally dumped on a motorway, pouring with rain and it is now dark.....guess what no motorbike taxis!!! When I eventually find one, I have to cross the otherside of the motorway with my backpack. Thanks to sign landguage the driver said he will take me to the homestay for 200,000 VMD. Still pouring with rain, i am soaked through but we travel 45 mins on the bike and then the driver stops, gets off and says (in sign landguage) this man will now take you. I was to give the original driver his money and the new driver an addtional 200,000 VMD. I was fuming, they knew i was desperate, after much arguing, I agreed to pay the money. I had no choice, i was soaked through , tired, and just wanted some warm food and a clean bed.

I eventually came to the ferry crossing that would take me to my homestay, whilst waiting for the ferry, i thought I would take the opportunity to change my wet top, as I was bound to get a cold. I went into the dirty, turd filled toilet, which was also a store room for the food stall, to change (Very quickly i should add)! I go back to the bike and a woman acosts me and asks me for 2000VMD for using the toilet, I protest to say i did not go for a Wee, but she was not having any of it. Guess what, I paid it!

At the end of all this, I had to laugh and see the funny side, because, if I did't I think I would have cried! its all part of the adventure I suppose!! :-)

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21st September 2012

About Vietnamese
Read your story,I really sympathize with you and know how you feel at that time.But I think, before you travel somewhere, you should find out infomation about the country (the people, the weather, the life...),and book the service throught travel agents.

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