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May 30th 2013
Published: June 1st 2013
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The karst formation of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park has evolved since 400 million years ago and so is the oldest major karst area in Asia. The park’s karst landscape is extremely complex with many geomorphic features of considerable significance. The vast area, extending to the border of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, contains spectacular formations including 65 km of caves and underground rivers.
Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is located in the middle of the Annamite Mountain Range in Quang Binh province, Vietnam and shares its boundary with the Hin Namno Nature Reserve in the Lao to the west. The property comprises an area of 85,754 ha.

The karst formation process has led to the creation of not only underground rivers but also a variety of cave types including; dry caves, terraced caves, suspended caves, dendritic caves and intersecting caves. With a length of over 44.5 km the Phong Nha cave is the most famous of the system with tour boats able to penetrate inside to a distance of 1,500 m.

A large number of faunal and floral species occur within the property with over 568 vertebrate species recorded comprising 113 mammals, 81 reptiles and amphibians, 302 birds and 72 fish. This impressive level of biodiversity and species richness includes a number of endemic species as well as threatened species including tiger, Asiatic black bear, Asian elephant, giant muntjac, Asian wild dog, gaus and the recently discovered sao la.

Phong Nha is part of a larger dissected plateau, which also encompasses the Ke Bang and Hin Namno karsts. The limestone is not continuous and demonstrates complex interbedding with shales and sandstones. This, together with the capping of schists and apparent granites has led to a particularly distinctive topography.

Paradise Cave in Dong Hoi, Vietnam 5-2013

Dong Phong Nha, Tien Son, Thien Duong va Son Doong nam trong Cong Vien Quoc gia Phong Nha- ke Bang National Park. Phong Nha la ten hang dong o vung nay duoc kham pha dau tien voi nhung con gio hu trong hang dong van hung thach nhu giong nhu nhung ham rang nen duoc goi la Phong Nha va Ke Bang la khu rung nui o day de roi tao nen cong vien quoc gia Phong Nha –Ke Bang Natonal Park.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park nam o tinh Quang Binh quan Dong Hoi, cach Hanoi 500km ve huong Nam. Park nay rong 857km2 thanh lap nam 2001 de bao ve tai nguyen vung nay. Cong vien nay nam canh Hin Namno nature reserve cua Laos ve huong Tay va cach South China Sea 42km ve huong Dong. Cong vien nay nam trong 2,000km2 Limestone cua VN va 2,000Km2 Limestone cua Laos va la mot trong 2 mo hinh da (Karst) lon nhat thegioi co 300 hang dong va Grottoes voi tong cong chieu dai la 126km. truoc khi dong Son Doong duoc kham pha dong Phong Nha duoc coi nhu la dong co song ngam duoi mat dat dai nhat the gioi, hang dong rong nhat the gioi. Duoc UNESSCO cong nhan la di san The Gioi nam 2003. Nam 2009 duoc cong nhan boi Brtish caving Association la Dong lon nhat the gioinam duoi rang nui Annamite.

Nam 1990 lan dau tien Ha Noi university chap nhan hop tac voi British Cave Research Association cam dau boi Dr Howard Lambert de nghien cuu cac hang dong o cong vien Phong Nha. Nam 1990 ho nghien cuu Vom cave. Nam 1992 nhom nay tham hiem 7,729m Dong Phong Nha va 13,690 m Dong Vom, Vom Cave. Nam 2005 nhom nay kham pha ra Paradise Cave ho dat ten la Dong Thien Duong vi qua dep. Den nam 2009 nhom nay kham pha ra dong ben canh dai hon 5km voi 200m chieu cao, 150 chieu rong ho dat ten la Son Doong, hay “Mountain River Cave”, gan bien gioi Laos nam trong Annamite mountain. Ho cho la Son Doong la Dong Lon nhat The Gioi, va chiem lay danh hieu nay ma tu lau Deer cave o Malaysia nam giu. Deer Cave co 90m wide, 100m high, 2km chieu dai. Ho kham pha 20 hang dong moi ma tong so chieu dai la 56Km ke ca Son Doong. Trong thoi gian dau nhom nay kham pha ra trong hang dong co buc tuong da cao 200ft ho dat ten la THE GREAT WALL OF VIET NAM.

Song Son va song Chay la 2 con song chinh o cong vien Phong Nha. La 2 trong so 2732 con song o Viet Nam voi tong cong 4190km chieu dai. Da so cac cave duoc tao thanh boi song Son. Song Son chay den mieng cua Dong Phong Nha va tiep tuc di xuong long dat tao thanh under ground River duoc goi la Nam Aki river. Song nay tao nen canh tuyet dep voi thac nuoc , suoi goi la: Gio waterfall, Madam Loan Waterfall, Moc Stram va Tra Ang stream.

Phong Nha co nghia la gio va rang. Gio lam nen tu dong nuoc ngam chay duoi long dat va rang lam nen tu nhung thach nhu trong hang dong goi la Stalactites va Stalagmites .

Stalactites la nhung thach nhu nam lo lung tren tran limestone cua hang dong. Con nhung thach nhu tao nen o duoi san limestone cua hang dong goi la Stalagmites. Thach nhu nay duoc tao thanh boi nhung giot nuoc da(Dripstone). Nhung giot nuoc da nay tu chat Calcium Carbonate trong mineral water, Limestone de tao thanh Carbonate Rock hoa tan trong nuoc co carbon dioxide tao nen chat Calcium bicarbonate de roi tao thanh thach nhu lo lung tren tran hang dong hay thanh nhung tuong da cao nhu cay Noel duoi sang limestone cua hang dong.

Stalactites 20fts trong Son Doong.

Lebanon contains an 8.2 m (27 ft) stalactite, world record.

More than 100ft tall Stalagmite (thach nhu) in Son Doong la world record beating Stalagmite world record in Jeita , Lebanon.

The 200ft tall Great Wall Of Vietnam in Son Doong. (named by British Cave Research Association when they discovered it).

Phong nha cave:

Phong Nha cave la dong duoc lay ten cua cong vien Phong Nha . Dong nay noi tieng nhat la su hinh thanh cua da duoc dat ten Lion, fairy cave, Royal court, va Buddha. Dong Phong Nha dai 25,357 ft ,co 14 Grottos, nhung dong nho, co dong song ngam duoi mat dat dai 45,830 ft. Cac nha tham hiem da di den 27.65 miles, 44.5km tuy nhien du khach chi cho phep di duoc 1.5 km ma thoi. Phong Nha hien tai coi nhu la dong co song ngam dai nhat, rong nhat, la loi di rong nhat the gioi. Co the boi trong song o dong Phong Nha. Song nay chia dong Phong Nha lam 9 dong nho va song nay di ra song Son va 8 dong nho thuoc he thong dong Vom chay ra song Chay. Dong Phong Nha noi dai voi dong Vom dai 15km va dong Hang Khe Rhy cave dai 18,902 m

Dong Tien Son:

Duoc goi lam Fairy –Tale cave khong co song ngam. Duoc goi la Fairy tale case vi phong canh ben trong dep nhu chuyen than tien. Dai 980m, dai 500m va nguy hiem cho du khach nen chi danh chon ha tham hiem ma thoi.

Viet Nam co khoang 2,000km2 limestone trong khi Tau Cong co hon 1,000,000 Km2, so limestone nay cua Tau cong chiem phan nua tong so limestone cua the gioi . Nhu vay Tau Cong co limestone lon gap 500 lan Viet Nam nhung Tau khong co nhung hang dong nhu nuoc ta. Troi da thuong dan Viet Nam da cho dan Viet Nam co tai san thien nhien quy gia. Lich su cu Tau Cong la lich su cua su an cap. Nhung san pham ma con nguoi tao nen tren the gioi nhu dong ho, vi da…roi mot thoi gian sau xuat hien tai Tau voi do gia, an cap nhan hieu. Nhung phat minh sang che ky thuat cua My, Tau Cong cho nguoi vao lam viec de an cap ky thuat, technology de ve tu che ra: ve tinh, phi thuyen, may bay…Con tai san thien nhien ma Thuong De tao ra cho cac nuoc khac Tau khong an cap duoc nen phai an cuop. “Ta khong an cap duoc thi ta an cuop vay”. Do la ly do cua Tau Cong dang cuop cac hai dao cua cac nuoc lang gieng trong do co Viet Nam ma Tau cong dang cuop lay Hoang Sa, Truong sa…roi tu tu den Vinh Ha Long va Dong Phong Nha, Dong Thien Duong, Son Doong…ma Viet Nam co nhung bao vat do.

Nhu da noi o tren Phong Nha –Ke Bang National Park nam trong vung Limestones voi 2,000km2 thuoc phia VietNam noi lien voi vung 2,000km2 Limestone Hin Namno cua Laos. Trong khi Phia Viet Nam lai co nhieu hang dong nhu Dong Phong Nha , Dong Tien Son, Dong Thien Duong, va moi kham pha Son Doong vi dai nhat The gioi. Tuy nhien ben pha Laos lai khong co hang dong nao ca mac dau lao co so luong Limestone 2,000Km2 bang voi VietNam. Ben lao chi co 2 dong nho ten la Pak Ou Cave va Vieng Nai Cave ma 2 hang dong nay khong nam trong vung Limestones nay ma nam gan bien gioi Laos va Viet Nam gan Ha Noi. Tai sao? Thien nhien da tao cho Viet nam co mot vi the that tuyet dieu gan bien Thai Binh Duong de roi tao nen nhung con song uon khuc chay qua cac lang mac Viet Nam va nuoc tu nhung con song nay tham dan vao long dat soi mon phia duoi long dat ma song chay qua nhung tang Limestone de tao nen nhung hang dong tuyet voi ma con song tao nen nhung su bien the ngoan muc nay la song Ganh chay uong khuc de doi dang thanh song Son, song Chay khi vao khu Limestone cua cong vien Phong Nha Ke Bang de roi qua hang trieu nam tao nen hang dong ma Viet Nam thua huong hom nay.

Toi tin rang khi Son Doong mo cua don chau du khach the gioi, Dong Phong Nha, Dong Thien Duong va Son Doong se duoc bau la ky quang the gioi nhu Vinh Ha Long.

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