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August 12th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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The registrarThe registrarThe registrar

Looked like all the others
Geo: 39.6576, 66.9476

Having driven from Samarkand towards the southern entry
point to Tajik we committed a crime in Usbekistan… yep we camped… in actual
fact we free camped.. in a creek just off the road where we hoped we would not
be found.. It had been a long day. The road is bad and had numerous Police
check points made going slow…. Oh and I also got stopped by the police twice
for traffic infringements… Yep I kid you not. So the first one is wholly to
blame in the white line spray man… if the road is straight and you can see at
least 1km ahead then why the freak paint a solid white line… dick head..

So apparently overtaking is not allowed, silly me having
watched 10 million Usbeks do the same I got caught.. This time not too bad the
police man was happy to berate the silly Australian and then burst into a
barrage of questions about who were are and where we are going. Then sent us on
our way.

The 2nd incident was bullshit… the story goes
like this… its getting late having been on the road since 8:00am and it was now
about 7:30pm.. so at the police check points there is a stop sign at the start
of the barricades. I did not come to a complete stop, to be honest I was too
intent on watching the 2 police officers to see what direction they would
direct me in and I was tired.. so after stopping us and getting me out of the
vehicle he beings to have a happy chat.. I was none the wiser I had done any
thing wrong.. he then motions me to the back of the car and points to the Stop
sign and indicates I did not stop… then said a whole lot of stuff in Usbek and
expected me to do something…. Well given I was tired I gave him the look of
death and surprise… then after some animated crap I think he wanted a bribe
although no too sure… I was mad as hell…. Your Fucking Stop sign is bullshit is
said… yep boom that up ya bum hole. I then gave him the look of death, Lisa
joined in with a crazy woman holler from the vehicle and he began to write
stuff in his log book… then looked at me and I said do whatever it you need to
do because if do not fucking understand what the fuck you want…. Passport
handed back and off we went.

Pulled up in the creek and set up camp.


22nd August 2015

This guy looks like a young version of Darren!
27th August 2015

I know Ive never said this before Darren, but you're a scary mother-effer.

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