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September 4th 2010
Published: September 10th 2010
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Khiva was the first city that we came to in Uzbekistan. The old city still had the walls around it. It’s quite a charming place as it’s the best preserved old city in Uzbekistan. We enjoyed wondering the streets and watching people.

When we arrived in Khiva we were surprised to find that the country is quite well set up for tourism and there are large amounts of French tourists traveling around Uzbekistan. It seems that this is a big destination for older French tourists. Many of the vendors speak to us in French; as do the kids (bonbon, etc.)

The currency in Uzbekistan is fun to deal with. The largest note is valued at approximately $0.50 US. So when we go out for the day we each have a thick stack of notes in our pockets, and really it’s the equivalent of $30 or so.

The main dish served everywhere in Central Asia is shashlik (kebab) and plov (greasy rice with meat and raisins). Having eaten every type of kebab starting with Turkey, then Iran, and now Uzbekistan, it’s safe to say that we’re all kebabed-out. Bread is also considered sacred here and it’s shameful to throw it out. The result is that the bread served at restaurants tends to be rather stale and hard. Recently we’ve been searching out Italian restaurants that serve good pizza. We often find ourselves fantasizing about Big Macs, Starbucks lattes, Cinnabon, etc. It’s always the junk food that you end up craving.

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10th September 2010

Whenever I was overseas somewhere, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.. all I ever wanted was some damn apple crisp. It was always the first thing I had when I got home too. Sorry, I've probably made you want to eat some apple crisp now. HAHA!
10th September 2010

City walls at sunset
Hey there, Guys - The image of the walled city at sunset struck a chord. Khiva must have been a wealthy city to have been able to maintain such a structure for so long. Thanks for sharing. Jim (outside of Roosevelt, Utah)
11th September 2010

Interesting place! Cool photos! Does you feel safe there? Is it different than going to places like Iran?
16th September 2010

I think I'd rather be at GD reviewing build 4 reqs ;) Pictures are great! Love the posts ... very interesting this one is. Later Jon

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