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October 5th 2006
Published: October 5th 2006
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Koh TaoKoh TaoKoh Tao

I miss them:(
All right this is my very last blog entry for SE Asia as tomorrow I fly over the big sea to Australia.

So I arrived back in Bangkok and met again with Claire and Doug, I'm really going to miss them, I attempted a little shopping and then we headed to the Koh Tao, the "place" to dive in Thailand. Well, it is the place to dive, I had planned on taking my rescue course and when they said it would be $400CND I changed my mind and went for 10 fun dives instead, saved myself $150 and It was just fun no work. I got a sweet package with 5 nights free accommodation, 5 free breakfasts and 10 dives for $250, hard to beat that😊

The diving was amazing, okay not like Sipidan but I was not complaining. Lots of rays, sharks, 1 sea horse and a lot of new stuff for me. My last dive was by far the best we seen 3 types of sharks, far bigger that I had expected, crabs, a stone fish awww it was great!! My guide was Off and he was really good at finding things and making
Koh TaoKoh TaoKoh Tao

On d boat, Claire and my fav dive master Off
sure you had a good dive and funny at that. I highly recommend Phoenix Divers and do one of there package deals. What else? Well pretty much besides that we ate and drank and hung out by the pool, I forgot to mention we had a pool at the resort, fancy shmancy I know. I went out one afternoon with JJ, another DM, and checked out some other beaches in Koh Tao, it's a really good place if you could just be diving all the time. Oh I forgot I was sea sick for the first time, not fun.

Leaving Koh Tao was pretty weird, I would have loved to stay and just hang out with Claire and Doug, go diving and do a little more exploring. I guess all good things come to an end. Saying goodbye to Claire and Doug was really hard, we had spent like 5 weeks together and were all now going separate ways. Claire heading to England then Scotland, Doug to India and me to Australia. I would see Doug again in Bangkok but Claire would be in the air by the time I got there. Really weird feeling it was. So we said good-bye at the pier and I got on the boat to Koh Pha Ngan and they to Bangkok.

The trip to Ko Pha Ngan was short and sweet, I think the shortest I've traveled in a long time. I went to this little beach and just lazed about for a couple days doing nothing but reading and hanging out at the beach. It was a good way to end the Asia trip I think. The monsoon season had just started so there was nobody there and all the people became very unmotivated and quite hard to find if you wanted a meal or something at the store. It was kind of funny, and then you'd find them sleeping somewhere and they would seem so disoriented when you'd have to wake them.

So back in Bangkok again, ya know it's not so bad here after all. I fly to Singapore tomorrow where I will hopefully get my hikers back then Oz. I getting pretty excited to see the sis.

So Good bye Asia.... Some overall conclusions-

Best Country- Laos

Nicest People- Laos & Philippines

Least Friendly People- Thailand

Best Food- Philippines

Worst Food ( for me)- Thailand

Best Beach Time- Bali ( thanks for coming Tammy Girl)

Best Transportation System- Thailand

Worst Transportation- Philippines

Most Chill Place- Cherating, Malaysia

Cheapest Food- Bali

Best Looking Men 😊- Bali

Best Looking Women- Philippines

Richest Country- Singapore

Poorest Country- Laos

Worst English- South Korea

Best English- Thailand

Cheapest Airline- Air Asia

Worst Accommodation ( rats included)- Bintulu, Borneo, Malaysia

Best Accommodation- Singghasana Guesthouse Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

Coolest Thing I Did- Swimming with Whale Sharks Donsol, Philippines

Best Diving- Sipidan, Malaysia

Most Scenic and Memorable Place- Northern Philippines Rice Fields

Spent the longest Time- Philippines

Hope Everyone Enjoyed these Blogs, I'm surprised with myself on how up to date I've been with them!!

Sorry for the lack of pics on this blog, there's only so many pics of beaches you can take ya know.

Till Oz.....

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5th October 2006

We'll miss you too :( I really love the Best-Worst list you made! Thats a great idea. Laos wins with me as well.
5th October 2006

Sounds wonderful
Wow. .. . thought i would check out this blog thing as me n Laura go travelling this year. Your blog (picked at random and coz it covers Thailand) just made me so excited . . love the best worst lists.Sounds like you are having a great time. Hope you dont mind a random stranger saying hi. "Hi" ENjoy Oz. We arrive there in March, but have India, Thailand, Malaysia to cover first - setting off in NOv TAke it easy . . . .
5th October 2006

Hallo you - pooey about Koh Phangan :o( I'm sure Doug was happy to see you arrive early though! Miss you lots and lots and lots - I'm in London, arrived this morning and its freezing! 9 degrees! Agh! Shoulda bought that coat at MBK Love and hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
5th October 2006

Wonderful Megan, I can't wait to learn to dive it sounds awesome. Have a safe journey to Oz. Give your sister a big hug for me. Love Mommy x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0
5th October 2006

Aww, Im sad for you to be leaving SE, its been so wonderful to live through your camera! Make sure you get just as many fab shots in Oz. Find an Aussie and bring him home for me. Keep fit an have fun!
5th October 2006

Love the conclusions, its been so interesting, time will probably just fly for you now, not much longer to go, and a whole other part of the world to be explored.....good luck! Say hi to Tessa for us and watch out for the baby eating dingos. Bonnie
6th October 2006

Thanks Everyone!
Geeze I feel special with all the comments! For everyone at home I'll be back before you know it, Doug and Claire thanks again for all the fun ( and just being cool peps) and strangers are always welcome, glad I got ya stoked up( have a good one). Kisses to All.

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