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February 14th 2011
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Week two was eventful to say the least.

I think I left it in Trat last time, about to eat some noodles.... well anyway we had met a fellow traveller there called Ben. He was in Thailand for 6 weeks and recommended that before we go to Koh Mak, we hit up Koh Kood. He said it was a quiet island, not too busy and absolutely stunning. We took him up on it and boy are we grateful. After setting off the next day on a 2 and a half hour slow boat journey (no dolphins like Ben had seen 😞 ) we docked at Koh Kood pier. On the way in we had seen two eagles circling the mountain top (tell me about it) and the crystal clear water indicated that we were in for a couple of days of stunning views.

We got to our guest house in Klong Chao which was run by a lovely Thai family. Very welcoming and helpful. After showing us to our bungalow we put our bags down and walked down to the beach just in time for sunset. I can honestly say i felt like a better looking Leo Di Caprio when I set foot on the sand. It was stunning. A few hundred yards down the beach was a resort for the well off, not travellers on a tight budget, but only a few people were actually on the beach at the same time we were. Ignoring the fat men and their fat children, we sat down, stuck on some music and soaked it all in. We stayed there for a good few hours, before retiring to our bed to get some well deserved sleep.

THE NEXT DAY WAS AMAZING. AMAZING!! We were up nice and early and got some mopeds from Meg, a lad who worked at the 'Garden View', our accommodation. For 400bht a day (8GP) we had a result. It was our first time on the mopeds and it was a right laugh tearing about the island. Also, is probably the cheapest way to get about and see everything. We headed to Klong Chao waterfall in the morning. It's the dry season in Thailand, so it had dried up a bit but still enough water to have a shower. A rope swing into the pool at the bottom amused us for a few hours. On the way back, we saw our first bit of real nature up close. I was a little ahead of Ryan on the mopeds and noticed that on the road a hundred or so metres in front was a big bit of rope. It wasn't a rope. It was a king fucking cobra! Literally 7ft long, dark grey, with a hood and as thick as my arm (really thick). I'm not going to lie we were intimidated. We let it slither on by.

After a long day looking around the whole island and me getting some hefty sunburn (Have you got the sun cream Ryan? No? Shiiiiiit) we had a bit of a snorkel around some rocks. It wasn't the best snorkeling of our lives but enough to whet our appetites for Koh Tao next month. After some Pad Thai (de-lish) we headed to 'Neverland Beach' at the south of the island. This is where I took the 'just wow - just fucking wow' video on my facebook page for those who haven't seen it.

Sunset was approaching and where better to watch it than at the sunset bar? Owned by a french guy called Jeremy, an English family we me that day had told us it had a great sunset and good food. After watching the sun go down over the sea, we chilled here and ate Thai Surprise (prepared by Jeremy's wife) which was hot. Really hot. If me and Ryan weren't pissed on Ya Dong (a Thai shot) it would have been too powerful and probably not enjoyable. But we were drunk enough to stomach it. The end of the night was approaching and after a couple of drags on J's wacky baccy (finally!) we walked home. Bad move. Considering it was pitch black, we were pissed/baked, had seen a 7ft cobra on the road already that day and not sure exactly where we were it wasn't the best move we have made this holiday. We had done so well to get only 200m from our bungalow without any problems, until some stray dog started barking at us over the road. We thought nothing of it because it was behind us now, but another dog decided he wanted to join in with the barking too. Then they started walking towards us, then a jog until they were finally running at us from behind, barking. Just imagine this - pitch black. Neither of us have had our rabies jab either. So what do we do? Run? I've lost a few pounds since i have been here but i would still bet good money that they would beat me in a race. Fight them? Daylight i would fancy it maybe but in the dark? No. We did what we had been told to do - nothing. We manned it through, walking nonchalantly back. They were gnarling at the back of our heels, we could literally feel them. After getting into the bungalow, locking the door and changing into some fresh boxers - we went to bed to be ready for the speedboat over to Koh Mak in the morning.

Once we got to Koh Mak we had a lazy day at the resort next to the infinity pool (big pimpin' now). I was still as red as a dogs dick and stayed in the shade. Koh Mak is nice, but it doesn't compare to Koh Kood. Anyway, we went into town that night, ate very well at very cheap prices and then lounged at a bar on a beach. After having a quick chat with some American guys ( James and Audrey) we got the wooden car back to the resort. (The wooden car is famous in Koh Mak!)

RYANS BIRTHDAY! Waheeey he is 20 now. We thought we ought to have it up this evening so Ryan got himself some Sangsom and started early. I joined in at about 4 o'clock. At 6 we headed into town and had a banquet. Coconut chicken soup, spicy seafood, Pad Thai and a couple of beers. 4GP and we weren't complaining. We went back down to the same bar as the previous night and bought a few cocktails. We spotted James and Audrey and after having a few swift ones with them it was down to the pier. We had heard a load of Thai people going crazy down there so we had to check it out. It was hilarious. There were 50 or so thai people dancing and singing karaoke on this pier, and now that we were pissed enough we all joined in. We met some other travellers, Matt from Germany who had been living on the island for 7 month and some Romanian girls. We knew they were wrapping things up on the pier when all the thais stood up and started singing the national anthem (James could hardly control his laughter, bloody yanks!)

It got to about 12 o'clock and we were at the monkey bar. Tequila here, tequila there, bucket of Samsong here, beer there. It was flowing. Ryan packed up. He passed out at about 1? We sat him in a chair whilst a load of us carried on chatting for a couple of hours. I decided at about 3.30am it was time for us to go so I asked where we could get a taxi. 'Taxi? It's 4am dude.' Oh god. James saved the day and said we could crash in his bungalow, so after we dragged Ryan in and laid him on the floor, we got some sleep.

So its 10am, i wake up. Tap Ryan on the head. He wakes up. The look of 'where the fuck am I?' takes over his face and i reassure him that everything is fine, we are in James bungalow. We say thank you, bear hug and leave. We are both still pissed as farts. We go back to the resort (wooden car again) pack up and head for Koh Chang.

Chang is nice, but a little too built up for our liking and we were still feeling groggy. This blog has draaaaagged on so i'm going to wrap it up here. We are in Cambodia now, but that's a story for the next blog. Love to all! x


14th February 2011

Wish I was there
Sounds great, you make it sound so real. Can't wait for the next episode.

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