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May 5th 2008
Published: May 11th 2008
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10 short days, lots of sun, new friends, great food, lots of traffic, only-in-Thailand experiences, some rain, did I mention the traffic?

The traffic is probably the first thing to hit your senses in Thailand (if not the heat). I think 4 people + groceries was the most I saw on one bike, kids welcome. The traffic safety campaign award would definitely go to the poster in Patong asking people to "Drive Fast Be Careful" :-) Yes they did, but ummm, don't know that they always were...

Usually in the battle between going somewhere new and revisiting a place which created great memories, I'll take the adventure into the unknown. Thailand is one place though that I'm quite sure I'll find myself going back to.

Here's some of the leftover photos.....

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