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March 16th 2008
Published: March 16th 2008
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I was very, very sad to leave Vietnam but as I said, we didn't go everywhere and maybe we will be able to come back now that there are so many budget airlines -- talking about budget airlines we had our first experience with them on the Hanoi to Bangkok flight. Our hotel booked the 2-hour flight. I asked them why it was so cheap ($99 -- some people paid less). We found out why it was so cheap when everybody rushed on to the flight before it was even announced. We thought it was strange behaviour and took our time. There are no seats assigned. First come, first served -- best seats at front. Same with the food -- you order but buy the time the trolley gets to the end there isn't much left.

This is our last day -- I am sort of happy to be going home but on the other hand, there is no end to this -- so many possibilities, so much food we didn't taste, so many things we didn't buy, so many places we didn't see. All good things come to an end -- and this is it but we have one more meal to eat and it should be a fabulous Thai feast -- like the one we had last night at a street stall -- great seafood but we ordered the Thai seafood soup and it was delicious but just a bit (!!!!) too spicy -- a few chilly peppers too many, so we decided to give it a break today and just eat plain food. Last night in Bangkok was amazing -- it was Saturday night. All the Thais were out and about and thousands of tourists, all eating, drinking, having a good time. We have spent the day in the Tokyo Center, an airconditioned shopping mall of umpteenth floors and with everything you ever wanted to buy (and more that you didn't). Micha is not the most patient of shoppers but I had to just about drag him out of there, reminding him that we are going to be overweight. They also have great food halls there with so much amazing food -- we were looking everywhere and realizing that our time is up will just have to come back (again! we have been here about 10 times now). We were wondering if we could just come back and stay in the Tokyo Center (joke!). I haven't even spent all of my money -- in fact, we have been very bad shoppers -- we didn't buy much at all -- we didn't want to carry it and also you could say that China and Vietnam are already in Israel and you can buy everything at very reasonable prices but it is still cheaper here -- but I don't know if everything is genuine, although it seems OK. I guess it is mostly fakes. Who cares!

Hotel computer telling me I only have two minutes left -- better finish and publish.


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