Covid-19: what's a backpacker to do? A view from Thailand.

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March 17th 2020
Published: March 18th 2020
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Lower limbs are currently the bane of our lives. The last entry detailed how a new (third party) knee and Ali’s dodgy Achilles had resulted in a month’s stasis and forced the jettisoning of Nepali trekking plans. But, not content, the gods of fate conspired to make it a trio of woes. Wandering one steamy Bangkok night we discovered a street-side water ATM. It appeared that a litre was only... Read Full Entry

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18th March 2020

Covid 19
Your moral footnote touches on many issues the but the real point is this may not end until those problems identified are solved. This is spreading rapidly. A week ago I thought there was an over reaction to the situation. Now. Well. We don't know where or when this will end. Asia is likely to set rules later than other countries. Hopefully, not too late to assist in the containment.
20th March 2020

A great blog about adapting to COVID-19 restrictions while on the road...
I hope to governments are lenient with visa restrictions, and that Ali's foot fully recovers. Thanks for all the stories, both good and bad. Yes, destinations change over 30 years, and I'm pleased that you found some unaffected jewels. I was lucky to be able to travel extensively before the rest of the world decided to do so.
29th March 2020
Wat Arun

That's an amazing photo. Thanks for writing about Thailand. We were there a few years ago and we enjoyed most of our visit there. Well, we loved it all with one exception, and that kinda spoilt it a bit. Well your blog brings back good memories. /Ake

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