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July 18th 2008
Published: October 24th 2008
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A sugar-coated, milky-smooth voice, coming out of bright-red, lipstick-plastered lips of the bus' male steward, whispered delicately in Vibert's ear. In a language he couldn't understand. At Midnight! This was Vibert's dream. He shot upright from his recliner seat, his panicked eyes struggling to adjust in the harsh white glare of the bus' florescent lights. Shanna eyed him curiously. Over the p... Read Full Entry

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Inside the PalaceInside the Palace
Inside the Palace

Picture of the King

24th October 2008

What an Adventure!
What an Adventure you're having! Where are you are now? Today? Keep those blogs coming in. Oh, I'm doing a blog on my forthcoming trip if you want to follow it. Kind regards, Dawn.
25th October 2008

what additional languages you'll speaking now
25th October 2008

Well that was quite an the way u didnt tell me u had a friend name Dawn Smallwood...well well well...
26th October 2008

Dominus vobiscum
As always, you guys have revealed the true beauty of the developing world. I applaud you for taking the road less travelled and for giving the rest of us a chance to explore the sights and sounds of the parts of the world that the West does not want us to see. As you go on your journey and get ready to take on Bangkok, I remind you "Dominus vobiscum" as you "Carpe diem". And never ever forget, "Ubi panis ibi patria"
26th October 2008

Strikingly Beautiful!
How do u two find those lovely places? I truly enjoyed the journey thanks.
26th October 2008

Fantastic Pictures!
Shanna and Vibert, the photos you took are always so gorgeous! I like them so much! Enjoy your life in China :-)
31st October 2008

Happy Halloweeenn
Thailand is nice :-) How are you guys?! Got facebook!? He he. xx

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