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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi April 7th 2017

I started my last morning at Baan Maka/ in the Kaeng Krachan area with another morning of birding before the rest of my family was up. I added a few nice bits and pieces to the list and there were absolutely loads of Variable Squirrels around. A particular highlight was a group of about 10 Oriental Pied Hornbills that flew in to eat on some fruiting trees and I got much better view at close range than I had from within the National Park. After breakfast we left Baan Maka to drive back to Bangkok for the next part of our holiday, but I had managed to persuade my family to stop at a birding site for a relatively short visit because it is directly off the main road that we would be taking anyway. This ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi April 3rd 2017

I started the day by getting up just after sunrise to have a look at what birds could be seen on the grounds of the accommodation. Although the ideal situation would be to leave very early in the morning to get some early morning birding outside of Bangkok and miss the rush hour, this of course would not be possible with my non-birding family who for some reason totally unknown to me wanted a lie in after a 24 hour journey. Anyway I got up early setting an alarm for just after sunrise which of course made me very popular. There were some cool birds around the grounds of the accommodation such as a loudly calling Coppersmith Barbet. I will post a list of birds in the Big Year thread (and link to it here when ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi December 10th 2013

MORE PICTURES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE! Today I got up at 6 a.m. and was out on the road half an hour later, happy to escape the room. I followed the Autobahn 35 for a while and then turned onto a rural road which was a real relief. Everything seemed more natural and was much more quiet. I had about 48 km to go on this day and the pain in my ass (literally J)got worse, the saddle was probably not a good idea. I miss my old-man-style saddle and I hope to find a better one in one of the next towns. But there are almost no bicycles. I think you can be in Thailand one year and see less bicycles than you would see at one crossroads in Saigon… However, it seems ... read more
Temple in build
Ugly below beautiful
Salt field

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi November 13th 2011

WILDLIFE FRIENDS FOUNDATION THAILAND With Globalteer Everything you need to know about the elephant project in Thailand and recommendations Those of you using Globalteer to undertake the elephant project in Thailand should take a few minutes to read this. It will help you to determine if this project is for you, as some of the below information is not available from Globalteer: 1) Works starts at 6.30am every day. 2) You will work between 10 and 12 hours, 6 days a week (the hours stated by Globalteer are considerably less, so be prepared to work long hard hours) 3) Breakfast is very basic; they provide you with bread, butter, jam, tea and coffee. Sometimes water, butter and tea runs out and there are no extra supplies due to bad management. Things like cereals, snacks and drinks, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi March 15th 2011

Fish-Massage, Fish-Massage! Die ersten sechs Stunden Flug gingen recht holprig vonstatten. Wir knuepften uns beide einen drei Stunden Film vor (Avatar) und die andere Haelfte der Zeit verbrachten wir mit aufgeregt sein und Essen. Von Dubai haben wir nicht viel sehen koennen, da es finstere Nacht war. Jule war mit seinem Eichhoernchenpulli aber der Star am Flughafen! Nach weiteren sechs Stunden in der Luft landeten wir dann heil in Bangkok. Die Lage am Flughafen war zuerst etwas unuebersichtlich, denn alle Traveller standen in etwa so geordnet in ihren Reihen, wie Festivalgaenger an einem Donnerstag in Scheessel. In etwa eine Stunde verging bis wir endlich thailaendischen Boden betreten konnten. Der public Taxistand war schnell gefunden und sofort war klar: Thailaender haben einen Faible fuer knallige Farben. Wir bekamen ein gelb-gruenes Taxi mit einem sehr schweigsamen Fahre... read more
Bangkok bei Nacht
Rambieng Restaurant
Jule in Dubai

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi April 19th 2010

We buzz back across to Bangkok to pick up P's passport from the Embassy. We would have had it a lot sooner had it not been for Thai New Year and Easter holidays. Anyway, the FCO service is great and P has a shiny new passport firmly in her hand. Can't get her Thai visa replaced til the following Monday (she's technically an illegal immigrant), so we pick a random place out of the book to visit for the weekend. Seven-hours (should have been 3 but the engine broke down) on a rickety train takes us south east out of Bangkok to Phetburi. We arrive late, sweating and starving, and spend the first ten minutes in the hotel room Christ-like in front of the air con unit. Next morning move to a small teak guesthouse on ... read more
Manchester Derby
Watching footy
Chicken soup with 20 chillies.

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi July 21st 2008

Another one for you.... We left the peninsular of Raleigh due to thinning wallets. It wasnt entirely a shame to go because it was absolutely pissing it down and so all there was to do was essentially eat and converse with other travellers (not a bad thing at all but fairly mundane and repetitive). We left to go back up further north and so got a coach back up to Bangkok. Nothing exceptional really happened as it was a 14 hour cramped coach journey (I could hear moans of anguish fom behind me at times, but the bastard deserved it). When we got to Bangkok we immediately headed out again to catch another bus - one that would take us to Petchaburi. The normal custom is for the bus conductor to alert farang to their impeding ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi July 21st 2008

Following on from my last entry.... So we got on a bus to take us to Petchaburi, made famous by the exploits of bridge building that occured here in the second world war. It is more commmonly known as 'The Bridge on the River Kwai' or simply 'Death Bridge'. As I said, a bus. It was not however a direct route. When we boarded it immediately became clear that this was not to be a journey of comfort. The coach was jam-packed full of scouts both male and female (who, annoyingly burst into laughter at the sight of us - they were obviously aware that this was going to be a very bloody amusing journey). The bus truly was packed. Neither myself nor Sam could stand up but as there was no where to sit (and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Phetchaburi July 18th 2008

A sugar-coated, milky-smooth voice, coming out of bright-red, lipstick-plastered lips of the bus' male steward, whispered delicately in Vibert's ear. In a language he couldn't understand. At Midnight! This was Vibert's dream. He shot upright from his recliner seat, his panicked eyes struggling to adjust in the harsh white glare of the bus' florescent lights. Shanna eyed him curiously. Over the public intercom flowed the sugar-coated, milky-smooth voice, coming out of bright-red, lipstick-plastered lips of the bus' male steward. It was midnight and, apparently, we were stopping for 'dinner'. "Rats", said Vibert (or something more Caribbean-ish). He had just fallen asleep. We had departed Krabi many, many ago before and he had found it difficult to fall asleep. 'Dinner' break took a better part of an hour and five hours later, we arrived at our stop. ... read more
The Grand Palace
Shapes and shades

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