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July 4th 2011
Published: July 4th 2011
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This morning we had a traditional thai massage, we thought massages were meant to be relaxing? Well these ones were all bone clicking and twisting pain, it was quite awkward seeing as the masseuses spoke only a word or two of English… we’d prefer to be better acquainted with people before taking our clothes off and having them move their hands uncomfortably far up our legs… We were maneuvered into several different positions, the majority reasonably uncomfortable (glad no photos were taken here) and we were stretched, pulled, pressed and pinched. Lets just go with saying it was interesting… (may opt for a different style of massage next time)

After having thai noodle soup- a meal we’re really starting to get used to now, although we avoided the grey lumps which we suspected to be liver, Hollie had her nails done and we then went to pick Clara up from school. Apparently she had told her teachers that two girls were coming to pick her up, one with long hair, and one with short hair and big bites on her leg, the teachers were all pleased to meet some “phelangs” and were happy to have us wander briefly around the school. Clara’s class even sang a song as we entered.

After enquiring at a local supermarket of the best place to sample green curry (Jess was eager to see how different it was from the English version) we were told the best restaurant for it, in the opinion of an English speaking worker in the pharmacy… on arrival at said restaurant, and ordering a green curry, we were told they did not even serve this! However we were determined and so we headed to a market in Nathawi, thankfully less smelly than the previous one we visited, we were greeted again with offers of fried crickets and meal worms, which we politely declined and eventually found that although there was no green curry that day at the market, there was a reasonably similar alternative.

We managed to plan a little bit for our trips to chiang mai and bangok today, contacting Rob’s friend ‘candy’ who lives in chiang mai, and looking up a hotel in Bangkok online, all the things Rob has in mind for us sound great and we are very excited for the rest of our holiday. Hopefully heading to Songkhla tomorrow where there is a beach, (the 4 bikinis Hollie packed will finally come into use!!) and may meet our Russian friends again as it is only 20 minutes away from Hat Yai.


4th July 2011

Hi Girls Great to see you are having a good time on your holidays. A wonderful and different picture of Thailand. You should have tried the fried crickets though. We have just had an excellent (and sunny) weekend in Durham. All of us. Durham is a lovely place. Josh liked the Uni. It was great (but expensive) to have both the boys with us. Oh well back to the grind. Roll on Lanzarote x
5th July 2011

Your trip
Sounds like you are having a fantastic time and people are making a fuss over you! All the best for your tour!

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