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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 16th 2019

If not wanting to leave is an indication of having had a good time, then Koh Phangan definitely meets the criteria. Leaving on such a note is quite effective at getting you back, as this is now our 3rd annual return to this laid back island in Southern Thailand. Each year presents different experiences, and each year we extend our time here. Our first visit was 2 weeks, last year 1 month, this year 6 weeks, and we are planning 2 months next year. We‘ve always stayed at the same small resort, having lucked out right from the get-go with a place that we love, and have now begun to feel a bit like family as well. Our initial motivation for coming here was to find somewhere warm and dry in Thailand, where we could wait ... read more
Have I Mentioned We Love Biking?
 Every Song is Gratitude
The Sun Rises on Tessa

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 12th 2019

When travelling to countries where you don’t speak the local language, silly events often happen that can put a smile on your face. Take for example this experience. Bev decided this year to take some Thai language classes. She found out that in the Thai language, questions and responses as kept as short as possible. No need to speak in sentences when one word will suffice. Well that doesn’t sit well with Bev, as she has a tendency to talk; to elaborate upon things. For breakfast we usually have eggs, plain pancakes, muesli and yogurt, along with a fruit plate of bananas, pineapple and watermelon. One morning, Bev decided she wanted banana crepe pancakes, instead of the plain pancakes. In great detail she explained in English, to our Thai waiter, what she wanted for breakfast. Satisfied ... read more
Dinner Napkins with Attitude
Breakfast by the Sea

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat January 9th 2019

Our Air Asia tickets from Bangkok, to the island of Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand included a two hour bus transport from Nakon Si Thammarat airport to Donsak Pier, where we would board a ferry for the three hour transit to our island destination. Its a pretty sweet service that Air Asia offers. However, in the aftermath of tropical storm Pebuk, the ferries were still not running the day prior to our departure, although we were told by Air Asia that they believed they would be running the next day. We decided to risk it, the worst case scenario being that we would be spending the night somewhere near the ferry terminal if the ferries weren’t running. We wanted to get to KP and begin our yoga studies, not put in another day of waiting in ... read more
Agama Yoga Campus Main Teaching Shala
Agama Yoga Spiritual University Campus Grounds

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand May 26th 2018

Pattaya img= 1:12:54 2018, 5 Thailand, Laos, Macau, Hong Kong DVD5 No views33 minutes ago... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand April 8th 2018

We began to slowly head up North to Bangkok. i tried to divide my return trip in smaller chunks to appreciate it a bit more. Watching Thailand's map, to go from Khao Sok or Khao Lak to Bangkok, would require 3 steps to make the trip not too hard. It would then be; Khao Sok - Chumphon - Pranburi, (i liked that place) - Bangkok. Chumphon. This is a region that is never mentioned anywhere, but usually is a pit stop along the road. Using hotel booking website, found a very nice hotel in that region according to reviews, and price was really good. It was Villa Varich. Without a GPS you wouldn't find that place!!! You leave the main road, and very rapidly, the road signs don't have english anymore!!! But that place, is really ... read more
Villa Varich grounds
indian roller

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand March 27th 2018

I am not a fan of huge beach resorts like in Cancun, with all the noise and concrete. That's what you would find in Phuket or Hua Hin in Thailand. Pranburi region in upper Thailand gulf region, is about 2-2.5 hours from Bangkok, is a quiet place, with many accommodations and natural parks nearby, (Khao Sam Rot Yot). I stayed there two times, when I headed South and when I got back. You can find very quiet beaches without having to go far. You also begin to see all these lime pillars in the landscape, so typical of south-East Asia. This is part of what is called a karst topography, (lime rock with texture of swiss cheese, with caves, sinkholes, underground rivers, etc...). In rainy tropical places, the topography is more dramatic. You can see many ... read more
Khao sam roi yot
Khao sam roi yot

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 3rd 2018

It was a forty hour journey to get from our home in Regina, central Canada, to our first overseas destination in Bangkok, Thailand. The first fifteen hours involved a two hour flight to Vancouver airport on New Year’s Day, followed by a dozen hours waiting for our after midnight flight to Bangkok, via Taipei. All connections went well, but the additional twelve hours of waiting around the airport was a gruelling time extension to an already long flight plan. However, when we finally arrived Bangkok mid-afternoon two days later it was only a matter of minutes before we fell asleep and remained in that state for the next eighteen hours, ready to commence a new day in a new country relatively fresh and revived. Jet lag was not noticeable. It is always a delight to start ... read more
Agama Teaching Halls
Agama Campus Grounds
The Blue Rose Tattoo Restoration

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand December 24th 2017

(No change from 2.1 except I have corrected references to Jim Davidson! It is of course Jim Thompson!! As Singapore got rid of their overground rail system a few years ago, to board the Eastern & Orient Express, we had to make the journey to the northern most town, Woodlands, to get the train and pass through immigration for Malaysia. Not too much of a hardship as Singapore is only 25 miles long! The train systems of Malaysia and Thailand and most countries in the region use 1 metre gauge (narrow gauge we might call it) and this can hinder the comfort somewhat, particularly in the old E & O carriages. The line is single track in Malaysia until you reach Kuala Lumpu, so sleeping was a problem. After that all the track has been relaid ... read more
Part of the engine.
Frin in cabin
The dining car

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand October 2nd 2017

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 25th 2017

Saturday 25th February Yes, We've skipped yesterday - mainly because we did beggar all! Friday was THE laziest day of all while we reflected upon what/where we've done/been and how we should spend our last 48 hours here in beautiful Southern Thailand. Saturday morning dawns, a bit humid, very hot and muggy, with a couple of distant thunder rumbles to indicate that the weather forcasters could be correct in their prediction of a thunderstorm and 4cm of rain. We would dearly love to witness a tropical thunderstorm - they are really something to behold! But no, all quietens down and the sun sneaks out. By 10.00am we are breakfasted and have a rough and cunning plan! Not having ventured North further than the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, we decide upon a circuitous route - Pak Nam ... read more
Our Starting point
Ascending to the Mirror Rock
Wonder Woman Hits Buddhist society

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