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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand April 4th 2015

Leaving the city of Bangkok by bicycle is not for the fainthearted unless you cycle with Paul Mueller (, a local and enthusiastic cyclist who has resided in the city for the past 8 years and who knows every square inch of this metropolis by the back of his hand. Only two weeks before my departure another round the world cyclist had been killed on the outskirts of Bangkok with 140000 KM and 4 years of cycling under his belt. He had been cycling with his wife (whom he met on his adventure) and 2 year old child and was even cycling with a huge trailer behind him when he was knocked off his bike and died at the scene. A repeat episode of what had happened in the 2 previous years when a British cycling ... read more
Leaving Bangkok the non-traffic way
Chinese Shrine
Leaving Bangkok via cycle paths

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand March 6th 2015

Koh Jum is a island just South of the famous Krabi peninsula. When you go into this region and its famous islands off the West coast of Thailand you know you are entering a tourist's Mecca. We selected Koh Jum as our one multi-night stay in Thailand because it was supposed to be less commercial and still had some white sandy beaches and good snorkelling. Like many islands the shores are lined with bungalows. It was funny how the place grows on you. By the end you were feeling the attraction as if the island was starting to seep through your veins. It not hard to see how some people have been coming back year after year. It was a long journey from Vientiane in Laos. We did the over night train to Bangkok and then ... read more
The view North from the beach with Mount Pu in the distance
The local policeman and his family
The view from the 'gypsy' party

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 15th 2015

It’s not all white sandy beaches and pina coladas anymore, we have now discovered the tough parts of traveling in a 3rd world country. The blog has been difficult to upload at times, with internet speeds as fast as a turtle and mosquitos buzzing around my head while I watch the upload…1%, 2%, 3%...well you get the picture. After sea kayaking yesterday, we decided to find a nicer restaurant on the island to celebrate Scott’s 32nd trip around the sun. We tried to get suggestions from the expats that we made friends with on the dive trip, but they were not accustomed to more expensive $12 meals. They told us Ciao Bella looked like a nice place right on the beach, so we took off to find this “nice place.” Scott ordered BBQ and I ordered ... read more
P2140059 (2)
P2150067 (2)

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 19th 2015

La fameuse ile ou ils ont tourner le film THE BEACH !! Depuis que je suis toute petite que j'écoute ce film et que je me dit un jour je vais mettre les pieds la bas ! Et bien c'est fait ....... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 19th 2015

Ahhhhh la Thaïlande .....j'en aurais long a dire sur ce pays au milles paysages.... mais commençons par découvrir les plages et les îles 😉... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 15th 2015

Today we rode out past the King of Thailands house and along a freeway where we realised we had lost 10 of our group through the windy little roads before getting onto the freeway! Trevor was out team leader on this day so wasn't off to a good start. We found them after waiting on the side of a busy road for about 10mins then we were off again, more freeway then back onto the local village roads. We came apon some road works just one of the little obstacles you come across on these Thai roads so had to ride through a little mud til we came to our water stop which was a welcome site. The next leg was hard as we rode a lot in big head winds until our next water stop ... read more
Day 2
Day 2
Day 2

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 14th 2015

Today was an easy day of 59km which was awesome, we started with an hour bus ride out of the middle of Bangkok and got onto our bikes – as we rode out it was nice and flat and easy roads, we went through small villages and also fishing villages where we rode over a very small rickety bride in single file which was a little challenging. I rode with the AMAZING Mai Thew on the first leg – she just completed the Northern ride of 800km and is also completing the southern ride of 800km which is AMAZING. Let me give you some back ground on Mai Thiew - she is the founder and Mother of all the kids at Home Hug orphanage and at this particular orphanage all the kids are either HIV, neglected ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 3rd 2015

We took the overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani, breakfasted slowly at the bus and train station, then got a bus through to Khao Sok national park. We were lucky that a shuttle took us right to our accomodation in Khao Sok, where we arrived about lunchtime. We were staying in a little house on stilts in a garden setting, and Fred's cousin Tony and family staying in the house on stilts nextdoor. The accomodation has a nice restuarant and is run by a friendly Thai family. They will organise the trips and transport for guests. Tony, Dida and Galvin arrived by motorbike from Ranong a few hours later. Tony has been living in Thailand about 20 years now, and it is the first time we have met his Burmese partner Dida and 2 year ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 1st 2015

After a few happy days of pancakes, curries and jungle walks to the beach, we left the island of Penang in Malaysia via a short ferry to the mainland town of Butterworth. We'd decided to head straight for Thailand, so boarded the one train a day that heads north towards the border from the very new and spacious train station. Unfortunately the train itself was anything but new and spacious, with only two carriages and a huge number of passengers, we spent the next three or four hours squashed up to a window with a family of four squeezed into the booth with us and various children's drinks, mainly chocolate milk, being spilt periodically down Liz's legs. On arriving at the Thai border, we had the option of remaining on the train for a further three ... read more
Stormy evening on Koh Ngai
Koh Lanta sunset
Che Guevara

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat December 30th 2014

Happy new year everybody! I am sorry for not continuing my blog but apparently I am so busy with other things. We reached Koh Chang, I travelled to Shenzhen over Christmas and now I am back in Khanom. I am fine, I hope you are too...... read more

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