Day 8 in Thailand - Oops! We Missed the Ferry

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January 16th 2004
Published: February 28th 2006
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Leaving Ko Samui today. We woke up early to check out from Charlie's. Had breakfast at Charlie's while waiting for time to pass. We will be catching the 1.30pm ferry from the Nathon pier.

< I didn't take into account that the songtheaw is extremely slow and gonna travel halfway round the island before dropping us off. We couldn't make it in time for the ferry and ended up missing it instead. I admit it was my fault and we had to pay for another pair of tickets for the 2pm ferry. We had a small squabble about it. >

When we reached Don Sak pier, we weren't sure on how to get to Surat Thani from there. We didn't know that the ferry tickets we bought actually include a bus ride to Surat Thani and we nearly missed the bus. Luckily, the helpful staff at the pier saved the day. However, we couldn't really tell the bus driver where we were supposed to go when we reached Surat Thani. So he dropped us at a tourist information centre where we can get help from the staffs there. The helpful lady at the centre called up the travel agency (where we were supposed to go) and explained our situation. She later flagged a tuk-tuk to drive us to the travel agency.

< At this point, we really looked like a couple of lost kids. But with the helpful people around us, we did get by quite alright. The Thais are such a friendly bunch. >

Still, the sprinkles of little mishaps didn't just stopped here though. The tuk-tuk driver has no idea where the agency is. He had to drive around for quite awhile and took a lot of asking around before he finally found the place. The 'travel agency' turned out to be an eatery of sort, no wonder it was so easy to miss. With quite a few travellers there, we rested and had our meals. Watched the 'Spiderman' and that dumb 'Jackass Movie' while we waited for the coach. It will be another 10 hours coach ride! :P

< We were pretty happy initially with only a few people on board the coach, but it stopped somewhere and picked up a bunch of noisy families with their kids. Damn. Thank God it was late and they all fell asleep pretty quickly. >


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