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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani May 30th 2018

After my last amazing experienceat my favorite beach club in Koh Samui, Beach Republic, I knew that we had to go back and sample their amazing Sunday brunch again. With the most incredible food on the island, great live music and an outstanding view of the Indian Ocean, Beach Republic is a true find on Koh Samui! First, Check Out Their Sunday Brunch If you are looking for the beach brunch in Koh Samui, you really need to check out Beach Republic. Their spread is simply huge and full of delectable and delicious favorites like Scottish salmon, fresh Maine lobster, and an international cheese board. I could seriously snack on all of their canapes for hours. Beach Republic's dessert station is to die for. With delectable creme brulee and sinfully tasty ice cream sundaes, your sweet ... read more
Samui Beach
Beach Club - Koh Samui
Koh Samui Beach Club

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani December 19th 2015

The first day ride was from Kuala Lumpur to Surat Thani province and I am expecting to clock in about 1000km. As usual I pulled over at Caltex gurun to prepare documentation and insurance. Surprisingly there wasn't any crowd on that day and I manage to get my stuff done within 5 min. I bumped into another solo rider - Zamri who rides BMW 1600 GTL and his trip is to Koh Samui with his wife. As we were talking, I was highlight that Sadao border maybe busy as it is year end so people may go for holiday. He then suggested to use another border but we need to detour about 20km and he confirm that the crowd will be minimal. The idea sounds good to me so we decided to take Durian Burung border ... read more
Inside view of my accommodation at Surat Thani
My private parking

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani April 15th 2015

Carrying on in the same theme as yesterday the most productive thing I did this morning was have breakfast and take some pictures! I got picked up at midday and driven the short distance to the pier to catch the boat back to Surat Thani. Everything went to plan - a very slick operation to get everyone to where they needed to be in fact. As soon as everyone stepped off the boat we were getting on waiting coaches to take us to where we needed to be. The first stop was the train station then on to the bus station for the others. Waiting just over an hour for the train to arrive I managed to have a wee and stretch my legs for a bit. As the huge diesel train thundered into the station ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani April 13th 2015

Deciding that 2 days and 2 nights on Ko Lipe was enough Elizabeth and I had booked our return journeys for today. The island is beautiful and was definitely worth a visit, but sitting on a beach getting a tan has a short life span for me. Sharing a longboat to the pontoon we were then on 2 separate boats ( different boats run by different companies) but being pretty sure that we would meet again on the mainland, we said a temporary goodbye. Sure enough, after a 2hr boat ride we shared a minibus to Trang together. Elizabeth from here would get the train to Chumpon - to meet up with a friend while I got another minibus to Surat Thani ( both north but the later not being as far.) Arriving about 6pm it ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani March 12th 2015

Turisttrafiken i thailand är inte mycket att hurra för. Jag vet inte om de på något vridet sätt påstår att det är effektivt, men jag kan med säkerhet säga att det inte är så. Vi åker till Khao Sok, båten åker till hamnen Donsak, där lastas vi in i en buss, som tar oss till vad bäst skulle kunna beskrivas som "dit bussar åker för att dö" i staden Surat thani. På vägen dit stannar dock chauffören vid sidan av motorvägen, alltså i väggrenen, kliver ut och går till ett litet skjul där han hämtar upp ett par matlådor, går in i bussen igen och fortsätter köra. Lagom absurd händelse, men det är bara början. Anyways, vi är på bussbegravningsplatsen, och byter till en annan buss i sina sista dagar. Vi vet inte varför och ingen ... read more
2015-03-13 11.48.54
2015-03-13 11.49.14
2015-03-13 11.56.48

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani February 12th 2015

Koh Samui was beautiful. Although we didn't leave our resort. There was some confusion as to where we were staying as they'd overbooked at Secret Garden resort. As we'd been flying I didn't get the email that we'd changed hotels until we got there. So we went to the other hotel, only to be told the first hotel had upgraded us instead!! We stayed in a hut by the sea. It was lovely, apart from the incredibly uncomfortable bed and the very loud karaoke bar across the road! The next day we lounged on the beach like lizards, drinking beer and going for a dip in the crystal clear sea. That evening we got the ferry to Koh Panghan ready for the Full Moon Party. We got to our accommodation, a hostel across the road from ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani December 18th 2014

Wat Phra Yai, commonly called “The Big Buddha,” is probably the most photographed sight in Ko Samui. It is on the top of every “Must See” list, and seems to be popular with Thais as well as with tourists. The temple is located on the small island Ko Phan, but, no worries, there is a causeway you can walk across to get to it. In fact, if you hadn’t looked at a map you might not even realize it was on an island. Entering the temple grounds is more like coming into a county fair than a religious site, but maybe that’s not all bad. There are coffee shops, and art galleries, and T-shirt stalls, and an ice cream stand, and a store selling hand-made soap, and, well, you get the picture. There is no ignoring, ... read more
Buddha gazing on all
art gallery by gate

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani December 16th 2014

It isn't supposed to rain in Ko Samui this time of year. I did a little research about Ko Samui before I decided to spend the end of the year here. December is supposed to be warm – make that hot – and mostly sunny. Typical afternoon rain storms, but not bad beach weather. I looked forward to lazy days in the sun, reading cheap novels and swimming in azure waters. However, Typhoon Hagupit apparently didn’t read the same sources as I did. It parked itself over the Phillipines about a week before I arrived in Ko Samui, causing untold destruction and taking the lives of at least 27 people. After the typhoon had had its way with the Philippines, it moved off to the west, slowly losing power as it did so. Guess what is ... read more
Wat Bo Phut
Bo Phut stupa
detail of temple building

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani August 4th 2014

Zondag 13 Juli tem 24 Juli 2014 Doordat ik de laatste tijd niet elke dag meer een verslagje heb bij gehouden zal de blog zich beperken tot een ruwere samenvatting. Als ik Penang verlaat richting ferry en vervolgens voet aan wal zet aan de overzijde, Butterworth wijst een andere fietsers met een achterweggetje om de haven te verlaten. Wat later zit ik op de voorziene route.Veel is er niet te zien. Ik vind een hotelletje vlakbij een groot winkelcentrum iets buiten het centrum van Sungai Pentani. Ik kan via wat rustige baantjes vertrekken om dan even op de hoofdbaan te komen en dan weer rustig te fietsen. Ik ga van het binnenland naar de kust. Dit gaat gepaard met wat geklim dat me doet puffen. Uiteindelijk vlakt het uit langs de kust en kom ik op ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Surat Thani July 15th 2014

On July 14th I hopped into a boat for a 3-hour one-way trip into one of the most remote areas of Thailand's Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary with renowned wildlife photographer Bruce Kekule. But this wasn't just ecotourism (as great as that is). We were there to set up motion-triggered camera-traps in order to obtain footage of rare wildlife to prove that this park is a world treasure and deserves full attention and protection from the Thai government and wildlife conservation NGO's -something it is currently sorely lacking. The group that I helped found, Habitat ID , supplied several Bushnell Trophy Cams, and conservationist Kurt Johnson with Falcon Recon kicked in a couple more cameras and supplies, while Bruce came through with the DLSR professiona... read more
more limestone crags
anyone in there?
flooded forest

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