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March 25th 2013
Published: March 25th 2013
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Are you finally ready to know where I'm going?! A lot of you have told me I'm not keeping you well enough informed, so I figured it was time to let you know the next planned destination. Drumroll please....


I will be flying out of Malaysia on May 6th and landing in Kathmandu just in time for lunch at a much higher elevation. Sadly this is as far as the planning goes at the moment. I don't know what adventures Nepal will bring me, but I'm looking forward to new food, new language(s), and lots of free time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Don't worry, May is springtime in the Himalayas and it will be in the high 20's C (80's F) during the day. I still think anything below 75F will feel cold to me, as Phuket has turned me into a spoiled beach bum. But I'm New England bred; I'm not going to let a little chilly weather stop me! Who knows, I may even go check out Everest 😉

For those of you who are constantly concerned about such a fragile little girl roaming the big bad world, I have great news. I will not be traveling solo this time! I had the pleasure of hosting a Frenchman by the name of Eddy a few weeks back, and he has so kindly invited me to come join him in his travels. So we will be backpacking around the Nepalese countryside for about a month. He will be heading back to France in June, at which point I am also planning to make my way to Europe. Don't ask me what countries, the answer is all of them, but we'll just see how far my money can take me.

Well there you have it, my official, booked plans. I have 42 days left in Phuket and I intend to make the most of it and squeeze in as much travel as possible (when I'm not working of course). So look forward to pictures of island trips and Songkran festival madness- the next month is going to be a crazy one!


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