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January 12th 2010
Published: January 14th 2010
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I'm writing these two days (11th & 12th Jan) as one entry, as they were fairly uneventful, but very enjoyable! On both days we were up early to grab a Pineapple shake before hitting the beach. We read & slept in the sun, in between intervals of eating at lunch and dinner times. Then with a full tummy, we'd head home for an early night to read before bedtime.
Ellie and I are so in tune with each other, we find we're agreeing on everything, and if there are things on each of our to-do lists, we choose to do them together. We've pretty much been inseperable since we left England at the end of December, and so it's no suprise that on the evening of the 11th, we both commented on how much we liked it here (in the town of Patong in Phuket)... and so we extended our stay at the Guesthouse by one night.
We thoroughly enjoyed living these two days like a pair of retiree's, and, with our batteries recharged, we planned the journey to Ao Phang Nga (a small village North of Phuket) for the morning of the 13th.
Apart from the odd Iggy Pop look-a-like (wrinkly back and everything), or a group of Italians playing football on the beach then being interviewed by a TV crew, there is little to report. Please note that we don't actually KNOW they are Italians, but we often play a game of "What's their name, and where do they come from" (a la Cilla Black) during our people-watching marathons which we conduct regularly, and so I confess it is little more than a guestimate. We have a variation of additional questions (age, sexuality, profession etc) that are introduced depending on what clues the person may give away.
So... next time you're lying on a beach minding you're own business, please be aware that it's possible there are two young girls analysing your every move.


14th January 2010

So chilled!
Hi there you sound so chilled out you are making me feel sleepy! I am glad to hear you are getting along so well - often you find that when you are with someone for a long period they start to irritate - you are clearly soulmates. Keep having fun love Mum/Angela

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