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January 7th 2010
Published: January 9th 2010
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Our alarm went off at 9am, had to press snooze a couple of times before getting up, which is crazy since we had 10 hours sleep last night. Went for fruit salad and yoghurt in the cafe attached to our holiday apartment. It was raining outside so we spent the morning reading and blogging in the internet cafe nearby. Went out for lunch - the restaurant was filled with tables and benches joined together with a roof on top to look like mini Bamboo huts. Had Thai Seafood Soup, which wasn't for the squeamish as it had plenty of tenticals and tails in there, but I made my way through it... slowly.
We passed a building site which had a sign saying "No Photos" - evidentaly due to Health and Safety, as the builders were balancing on tables instead of Scaffold, and there wasn't a Hardhat in sight. Just metres down the road we saw a young Thai child, maybe 3 years old, climbing aboard a Tuk Tuk at the side of a main road, while the parents chatted outside a cafe; and we've seen so many Pick-up trucks fly past with 10-15 people balancing on the side - they are really laid back over here, totally different to England.
We walked to Krabi beach once the rain had stopped, which (from a distance) looked beautiful surrounded by rocks and cliffs... but upclose we could see the effects that tourism has had. There was litter strewn accross the beach and the sand looked dirty and spoiled. We saw coin size crabs scuttle along and we jumped around, wimpering, trying to avoid them. They looked like balls of blonde hair, so were difficult to spot on the light coloured sand, and soon our minds started playing tricks on us and we were sure we could see them everywhere! We made it to the safety of some stone steps and watched the longtail boats pull in to offload passengers on to the shore.
Ellie went for a shoulder massage to relieve some of the tension caused by her backpack. She said the masseus pulled her arms around and pushed until it really hurt, but she felt miles better for it. We went out about 8pm, did some shopping along the way to find a restaurant. We had Thai salads at a place called Eden, which was dimly lit with waterfalls running down the walls. It was a lovely place, but we noticed all the tables were candlelit and it was full of couples, ha ha oops.
On the way back to our apartment we planned our journey over to Ko Phi Phi tomorrow, and realised the ferry leaves very early so we'd need an early night. We stopped to get a fruit shake from one of the street stalls, but the smell of pancakes was too tempting so we ended up with banana and cream pancakes instead. Yum!

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10th January 2010

Travelling suits you
Hi both, you are both looking so cute and natural (not much sign of hair straightening) and it suits you. Sounds like you are also getting your five a day also. The blog is very funny - keep it up Zelli Mum/Angela

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