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July 23rd 2006
Published: July 23rd 2006
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I'm still here in the same place on Koh Tao. For the last few days I've been telling myself "I'm leaving tomorrow," but I keep failing. I'm just about to buy a bus/boat ticket to Krabi, so I really will be leaving in the morning. I've fallen into a routine that's very difficult to climb out of. I've found three great restaurants around here and I visit each of them every day. Meals are broken up by swimming, reading, and guitar. I met a great Austrian couple that I've been going out with at night. The names of the bars here say it all- "Easy Bar; No Problem Bar." My bungalow has remained nice and isolated. The one couple that checked in next to me only made it one night due to the bugs. I've woken up with several strange bites, so I know I'm getting bitten, but as long as I don't see it happen, it doesn't bother me. My bungalow does have a mosquito net, but I've rendered it useless. The beds here don't have any blankets at all as they're not really necessary in the heat. The problem is, I wake up each morning and realize that I've
At the Easy BarAt the Easy BarAt the Easy Bar

As bits of kerosene flew off of his balls of fire and threatened to burn us...
pulled my net down in my sleep and wrapped it around me. I subconsciously need a blanket.
I rented a kayak for a couple of days, which was great. I spent a lot of time exploring the shoreline or paddling to the deep water and diving in to snorkel. One evening, just as in Laos, I finally made it back to my bungalow after spending the day exploring. I was sitting in my hammock. I saw a storm front moving in. I decided to head straight into it on the kayak. In normal conditions here, once away from the island a bit, the waves are smooth and just roll under you. I suddenly found myself in much bigger waves that were actually breaking away from the shore. I had a life jacket and was in deep water, so there wasn't much danger. So yeah, I was just having fun in the driving rain, paddling straight into the waves and triumphantly busting over the top of them. Then, of course, I looked up and saw the one monster wave about to crash directly over me. There was a feeble attempt to paddle up it, but I'm pretty sure the kayak almost did a complete back flip. It was probably the highlight of my trip so far haha.
Other than that, there's not much to report. I'm must go buy a ticket to Krabi before I change my mind again!

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24th July 2006

i wouldn't be able to leave either...i want to be on da beach!! i cant wait til you get back here man...i might cry at night without you haha.
24th July 2006

Self-Preservation Instinct Lacking
You might want to consider your parents' mental and physical health, and not mention the totally insane things that you do, like drive and paddle directly into storms. Your lack of a self-preservation instinct is scaring them (and the rest of us old farts) half to death. You know there was a tsunami in that part of the world last week; if you see any 100 foot waves heading your way, please paddle away from them, rather than into them. Or at least don't tell us if you don't.

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