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March 29th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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A Quick Dip Was Enough. . .A Quick Dip Was Enough. . .A Quick Dip Was Enough. . .

No idea how breathing is supposed to work down here. Those tanks are far too heavy for me & you need a licence apparently. I can't drive a tank.
Diving Bans - Think before you drink before you dive. . .

The trip over from Mae Nam on the catamaran was a breeze. About three quid each for the 90 minute crossing to Mae Haad. The glass smooth sea & cool breeze were only outshone by the 38 degree sunshine.

We sat on the top deck at the back for the 1st half then noticed the air conditioned VIP cabin for an extra 50 baht. Slipped inside & gawped at the yank version of The Italian Job with pigeon/pidgin English subtitles. Written by someone who had learned the language from a Berlitz phrase book. "You'd better get there damn fast" became "You're bitter. Hit the dam, fast".


The Keepers had booked a 4 day PADI Open Water dive course with Bans Diving Resort on Sairee Beach.

10 minutes in the pick up dropped us at the front desk of the PADI factory.

Checked in, up to room - very nice indeed - with DVD player in a box under arm. Within 20 minutes the classwork
Half Heath. Half Robinson. . .Half Heath. Half Robinson. . .Half Heath. Half Robinson. . .

The pier set up at Mae Nam is . . . errr. . . minimalistic to say the least
had begun.


1: Watch an awfully forgettable video which contained such literary gems as: "FACT: Divers have more fun than regular people" Please!.

2: Read the first 2 chapters of the 5 chapter tome that is the PADI course handbook in time for the pool session at 8.30 tomorrow.

Number 1: Became a bit of a challenge. The DVD player had no remote, hence no way to flick through the disc, just play & stop buttons on the machine. Unfortunately the inconsistent power supply kept knocking off, just for a second or two, but that made the damn video start from the beginning again each time. Must've seen the first 20 bland minutes six times.

Number 2: Ended up being put on the back burner after a while. Seemed a better idea to pop out for a cocktail, after the aggro of the video.

The bar/restaurant at Bans is called The Fishbowl & is the social hub of Sairee. Consequently, every visit involves meeting a whole new range of folk from all over. Very hard not to stay
Cool for CatsCool for CatsCool for Cats

Catermaran cruising on the Lompraya Express boat.
out too long. After a trio of Mai Tai's & Long Island Iced Tea's, we staggered
back to our boudoir around midnight (well, they staggered & carried me - I was fuckfaced). Then they carried on trying to read the book.


Bedtime 1.45 AM

Mr M :-

Actually MUM is helping me write this right now 'cause my fingers are sore from typing & my eyes are spinning. I have never had a banana dakari like that one before!!
I have befriended a local cat called Davina and even tho they are not mine i will make sure the humans give her a tin of tuna from the 7/11 before she gives birth! i am reading the humans the marvellous Jacqueline Wilson novel and they are discussing the perils of candyfloss and divorce in a classic British household...anyway, as a monkey - i tend to digress.....happy banana pancakes.....Mr M :-0

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Half Moon But Not In PutneyHalf Moon But Not In Putney
Half Moon But Not In Putney

The moon is always the wrong way up here. Must be a different one to ours. . .
Sairee SunsetSairee Sunset
Sairee Sunset

Ko Tao sunsets really are hard to beat. That sea is like glass & reflects the colours like no other place. Surreal.

13th April 2007

That sunset is something else, got to get out there and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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