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February 28th 2007
Published: February 28th 2007
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pancake please!pancake please!pancake please!

The pancakes here are delic!! Banana and Nutella! YUM!
Ha ya right! But we did find a cool pub called Hippie bar and had a few Singas. There were fire dancers, and it was right on the beach. great music too. AND some sort of big ass bug!! Like huge. We were all taking pictures of it. I asked the waiter what it was and he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. Not a care in the world!! AND I saw my first (live) cockroach yesterday, thank the lord it was nowhere near my room. I was walking down the street (brick path) and this little kid comes around the corner just a giggling away., He was hopping along, try to beat the roach in a race....it was too cute for me to scream so I just watched him and didn't even shiver!!

Yesterday we hiked to the "viewpoint" on the island. It took forever and I have to admit I had some serious swack going on!! The viewpiont is 185 meters above sea level, and it is stairs most of the way. From there you can see the whole island!! The whole thing!! We went up to watch the sunset, and of course my luck.....the horizon was too
crabs please!crabs please!crabs please!

150 baht per kilgram and they are still alive!
cloudy to see the sunset. I will try again to catch a sunset tonight. NOT at the veiwpoint though!! There is a restaurant on the other side of the island at Lo Dahlum Bay (the island is only a block wide).

So sad to say it is my last day here on Phi Phi island. I have really enjoyed it here and would definately make the trek back one day. There are many others places on the list (including back to Aussie land), so this will get added to the bottom for now. Tomorrow I am boarding the ferry back to Patong for one night and then off to: "What's the capital of Thailand?" Hope to do some shopping and check out the Grande Palace and Wat Poa. Not sure if I spelled all that right. Plus the keys on this key board are really sticky (don't want to know why) so forgive any other spelling mistakes. I give you the George Foreman garuntee that they were not my fault...hehehe right.

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looking out from the beachlooking out from the beach
looking out from the beach

this is the view from one side of the island (at night) again no sunset. Ao Dahlum I think this beach is called

somebody's driveway (a longtail boat). They sound like a sled or a lawnmower or something like that...LOUD anyway.

this is what most of the houses look like, made out of sheet metal.
memorial gardenmemorial garden
memorial garden

a little garden they made for the people who did not survive the tsunami.

28th February 2007

Wow! That is all I can say. So glad you are having such an amazing trip. Can't wait to read more in your blog and to hear about it when you get home. Travel safely. Brandi
28th February 2007

Oh the wonderful world of bugs....they give me the heebee geebees....So glad that you are enjoying your time in Tailand. Can't wait to have you back though!
1st March 2007

Lookin Good
I'm so glad to hear you liked Phi Phi, I knew you would. Have fun in Bangkok and don;t lt anyone convince you that those sex show are worth a go (horrible). And there is a cool shopping area near the Hard Rock Cafe, just a bunch of little malls and not over priced. Have fun!!
2nd March 2007

Who's we???
IT said we hilked up to see the view SO I was just wondering who we is???? ARE YOU EVER DARK!!!!!You look great!
3rd March 2007

Hi Kelly
Hi Kelly, how are ya? Surviving the cold....I really am dreading coming back to the Alberta weather!! I met a girl from England, and a girl from Switzerland Julia and Stella, that is who I hiked with AND we all had swack! he he he

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