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February 23rd 2007
Published: February 23rd 2007
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PP hotelPP hotelPP hotel

They have just started to rennovate this hotel here on Pp
I know, another entry already, but I couldn't wait. Ko Phi Phi is the island that suffered the most from the tsunami. It was a few years ago now so I thought everything would be back to normal, unfortunatley it's not. It seriously in heart-wrenching walking down the brick pathways. That is all I did for the afternoon, just taking it all in and trying to imagine the horror these people went through. I can't. There are 1/2 buildings and rubish everywhere. Men working their buts off in the hot hot sun to rebuild some of the structures that were demolished by the waves. In case you didn't know two waves came over this island, one from each top and bottom, one 5 m and the other 3 m high. It is crazy. I did take some pictures but you will never know the feeling unless you see it yourself. I couldn't imagine going through it, losing all the friends and family which I am sure everyone was, as the island is so small. I think less that 3000 people live here. There were over 100 children left without parents. I am so thankfull I have never had to experience such
some damagesome damagesome damage

some of the damage from the tsunami
great loss (es). There is a restuarant here that sells books to support the orphaned children. It is called Pum's Thai food or something along those lines. I met Pum in Patong, that is who did the cooking class. Her restaurant is really taking off and she is opening one in Montreal I think. So there is a little tsunami lesson for you anyway. Talk soon....rara. (I am sure my next blog will be me bragging about my bungalo, the beach, the pool or something!!)

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more damage and rubishmore damage and rubish
more damage and rubish

from the tsunami

24th February 2007

I think when one travels it is important to see all sides of what life is like..not just the resorts. Good for you Rhonda for doing this. Makes a person realize how lucky we are. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Take care
25th February 2007

I was trying to think of a title but I can't because I can't even begin to imagine what everyone over there went through!
25th February 2007

I was trying to think of a title but I can't because I can't even begin to imagine what everyone over there went through!
26th February 2007

Koh Phi Phi
Hey Rhonda. Thanks for the email. This site is just great. The fotos of Koh Phi Phi are shocking! I cant believe it is still like that out there when it all happened so long ago. I guess its the part of the world we just dont get to see that much of! It reminds me of when I was in Northern Thailand and went to the Thai Orphanage and seeing the kids there. It was a quite upsetting. Well you carry on having a fantastic time. The weather here in Oz is pretty crap at the moment! It has rained for the last 4 days!!!! whats going on, I miss the sun. I will email you back today. You are more than welcome to come stay with me here in Sydney if you do decide to come back to Oz. Id love to have you here and to see you again mate. Well take care and speak to you soon. Love Tracey x

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