Ko Mook 01st April 2008

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April 1st 2008
Published: April 5th 2008
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View from my bunglow

Ko Mook 01st April 2008

The plan today is to meet fabienne - Swiss girl i originally briefly met in LA back at end of October 2007. Along with a couple of german guys, we spent the day at LA downtown, Chinatown and had a right laugh, then later at night I met some of her friends and we all went to a restaurant together that didnt sell alcohol and we ate the healthiest rabbit food you've ever had!

The last i heard She was heading south on a bus from Bangkok. I didnt know if this meant she was going to ko lipe as that would be a total shit as im not there any more.

I got up early (again) and went to check emails to see if there is confirmation she received my previous texts and knew where i was. There was no email. As usual i turned on the charm with a thai receptionist at Charlie resort and she let me use there phone to make a quick call. Thankfully Fabienne was in Trang, town on the main land and a good point to catch a ferry to Ko mook.

On my way
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Beach at ko Mook
back to my bungalow i got called across by the family who run the resort to where they were having breakfast. Thay offered me some coffee and sticky rice with coconut and we all sat down for breakfast. It was such acool experience and was good fun. The sticky rice was the most gorgeous thing ever - i could have eaten 10! They also gave me some coconut oil free of charge - to help keep my tan and youthfull looks!

Fabienne arrived at 1.30pm - a bit later than expected and not from the place i expected. The original plan was for us to meet on the beach as she was getting dropped off by a long boat on the beach i was staying. However due to high waves the boats were not coming to this side of the island.

Anyway, after mail after mail and texts and several re-arranging of schedules she eventually arrived. I was looking forward to seeing her. It's always good to see people again you have met previously on your journey and this was no acception and i was looking forward to catching up with her, seeing what she'd been up to
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Beach at ko Mook
back home, in thailand for the past month and hopefully at the same time getting some pointers / advice for the rest of my thai travels

We decided to stay at the Sawadee resort right on the beach in a bungalow on stilts.

That afternoon we just relaxed on the beach in the sea, had some dinner at the claimed best restauant in Asia - of course this was accompanied by a few beers during the meal and after the meal. Checked the Sunset out. Once night time, not too much to do apart from have a few quiet drinks. Wasnt a late night as i was tired. All these early starts and busy demanding days are taking there toll lol.

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Ko Mook 0104

Sunset ko mook 01/04
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Ko Mook 0104 5

Fabienne taking in the sunset

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