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February 18th 2012
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4 books down and Pauls crayons have run out... the challenge begins, the next ones got no pictures!!

After 2 buses and a total of 19 hours sat on them we arrived in Phuket (12th February). We went to Patong for the afternoon, our first bit of beach, it was long overdue even if it did remind Paul of Magaluff... definately a tropical island next!!

Koh Phi Phi (14th February) was our first island stop. In a word, beautiful!!! It has the bluest seas and the whitest soft sand! Our first day there we went snorkelling and go to go to Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed, it really was gorgeous but so full of tourists! (including us!) We then got taken to Monkey Beach which is a beach only occupied by wild monkeys, they were so cool, Paul got quite close and fed one of them some pineapple, but Rachel was too scared to leave the comfort of the water. With good reason though, as soon as the food ran out they started running at people and 2 went up a couple of girls legs trying to get whatever was in their hands! Leaving them scratched and traumatised!!

The next day was the best by far!! We went on the "Discover Scuba Diving" course. It was brilliant. After learning a few skills we got to do our first dive where we saw eels, fish, wierd looking shrimp things and best of all a sea turtle!! So cool. The second dive we saw even more fish etc including black tipped reef sharks, they were so close to us, looked scaryish but were apparently harmless! Awsome fun! Were both now eager to get our PADI course and carry on diving!

We got a boat over to Ko Lanta (both a bit disappointed to be leaving but it was pre booked). Its a beautiful island full of lovely beaches and people tanning themselves everywhere. We followed suit and had a few days chillaxing on the beach.

Pauls coping with the reading 😉

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19th February 2012

Hi guys Sounds like you're having a blast! You've done so much - I'm very impressed. Glad you enjoyed diving - definately do your PADI! (and then go skuba diving in Oz and tell me what it's like!) Just got back from a half term in Gambia with 25 pupils. All returned in one piece (just) so a success I feel! Looking forward to more blog entries. Much love, Kate x
26th February 2012

Your trip sounds more even more thrilling than you hoped...its just getting better & better! Of course we're having a very exciting time in Eccleston - I'm digging a vegetable patch today, then I will be able to sit and watch the sprouts grow. Beat that! lots of love x

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