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January 16th 2016
Published: February 27th 2016
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Welcome to Tiger KingdomWelcome to Tiger KingdomWelcome to Tiger Kingdom

As we get ready to enter.
Day 4-Saturday-January 16 Afternoon

Having seen the sign for Tiger Kingdom this morning on our way to the Elephant Life Experience, we stopped on our way back. Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai was opened in 2008. The first one was opened in Ubon, Thailand in 2000. Tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand raised by their trainers since young, bonding with it throughout the development process. The trainer employs a combination of repetition, trust and encouragement to train their big cats and over time the Big Cat are accustomed to humans and often see us as one of the family. In Tiger Kingdom, the well-trained and experienced staff will ensure your safety, but these Big Cats are still wild animals that need to treated with respect.

Wow…what an experience! Upon entering, you have a choice of how many sizes/cages of tigers you wish to experience…1, 2, or 3, small, medium and large. This was not part of our tour with Wanna Tours, but we were happy to pay for it. We chose all 3! You get to enter the cages of these beautiful animals, be in there with them, pet them, play with their tails, rub their stomach, hug them,
Nice kitty!Nice kitty!Nice kitty!

Annette pets her first tiger.
take photos of and with them, but as you are warned by the gatekeeper and the person inside the cage, don’t pet or touch their heads. These big cats were as docile, cuddly and hardly noticing our presence while we pet them. Even the large cats almost seemed preoccupied. We were there over an hour and entered 6 or 8 different cages…several had more than one tiger. We had no idea this would even be possible! WHAT A DAY...ELEPHANTS IN THE MORNING AND TIGERS IN THE AFTERNOON!

We did end up arriving back at the hotel and decided to have dinner at their Thai restaurant, The Lanna. It’s a lovely open-air venue which was having a traditional dance performance with traditional musicians that we enjoyed while eating a fabulous dinner. We also found out from our server about the outdoor party the night before and that Will Smith and his son were there. They were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and came for the party. We understood that he was checking out locations for a movie. After dinner we had one of the hotel golf carts take us back to our suite for a wonderful night sleep after
Hi thereHi thereHi there

Doug pets another one.
a simply amazing day. We have to get up early tomorrow as Nok is picking us up at 6:30 for another full day.

Additional photos below
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A little snoozerA little snoozer
A little snoozer

He didn't care to wake up.
One of the keepersOne of the keepers
One of the keepers

Doug pets a cat with one of the keepers nearby.
Nice to meet youNice to meet you
Nice to meet you

He's keeping cooler in the shade.
Annette taking a picAnnette taking a pic
Annette taking a pic

Annette taking a photo while being observed by a keeper.
Nice profile!Nice profile!
Nice profile!

It's like he was posing for Doug.
Nap timeNap time
Nap time

Taking a little nap in the shade.

One naps while the other plays a bit with a ball.
Got a toy!Got a toy!
Got a toy!

Chewing on a big ball. A little girl in the background overseen by her dad and one of the keepers as she pets a tiger.

I got it!
Don't bother me!Don't bother me!
Don't bother me!

Still playing with the ball as Doug pets him.
Smile for AnnetteSmile for Annette
Smile for Annette

He takes time out of playing with the ball for a photo.

The keeper takes a pic with Doug & Annette.
Forget about the ballForget about the ball
Forget about the ball

He just had to stop playing with the ball and enjoy a two hand rub.
A Pantera TigerA Pantera Tiger
A Pantera Tiger

The cage of this white tiger was not open. Their coloration is caused by a recessive gene. They are usually larger. They are found in India and Nepal and must hunt at night. They are good swimmers but bad climbers.
Time to wake upTime to wake up
Time to wake up

Doug pets him while holding up his tail.
How about a hugHow about a hug
How about a hug

This big tiger relaxing while Doug gives him a hug.
Mind if I lay with you?Mind if I lay with you?
Mind if I lay with you?

Doug relaxes with his big furry friend.
What an animal!What an animal!
What an animal!

These beautiful creatures are magnificent to be close to.

27th February 2016

Love the Blog.....
Hey Doug and Annette you did a wonderful interesting Blog on your Chiang Mai Tiger Elephant encounter....loved the info..makes me want to go back again...we have been there too and really loved the much more calm then Bangkok...Aloha kathy myers

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