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June 29th 2011
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Day 9 – 29 June
We got the hardcore bikie gang onto our 140cc scooters and tore off down the road at snail pace. Little did I know I was soon to contract elephantitis ouch! We landed at a place called Thom’s where they had four wonderful elephants.

We scrambled, and heaved ourselves onto the bare backs of these monstrous creatures. Chelsea & Scott’s elephant was even larger than ours and called Tamtoo and Brent’s and mine was called Pempam. After 1 ½ hours ride through jungle we hit the river for some serious wrestles elephant style. They were rebellious, unruly, rowdy, & boisterous, soaking us, trunk style and tossing us into the festy flowing river which undoubtedly was full of elephant defecation!

On the way back, we swapped elephants. Scott had been complaining of the elephantitis he could stand no longer. Their elephant had a spine that sat out about 4 inches above his back. The trainee mahout Chelsea survived as she was precariously perched on the neck using ears for reins if required! Scott gave his new elephant the name of “lounge chair”!

We also met Vanessa and Gary and their 2 children from Brisbane. They’ve been living off a yacht in and around Malaysia for the past 3 years. We had a great arvo enjoying the company, sharing stories in the hot spring fed baths.
We rode to town in the evening to savior some more Thai flavours and cornered Vanessa for a Singer and Shandy or five!

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