Photos from Chiang Mai, North-West Thailand, Thailand, Asia - page 2

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And After!
Having fun in the water
Bathtime charge!
Washed and now a quick mud bath
Ele fun
Just time for a bit of mischief before bed
It takes a lot of food to feed 35 Ele's
3yr old baby boy
Some Ele's even helped with the washing
Ele washing
Getting to know their different personalities
Watching the Elephants close up
Tong Jan (Golden Moon)
Study in the wat's garden
Garden saying
Wat Pan Tao
Crystal Buddha
csemegebolt folulrol
Best H
My Krathong!
tuk tuk 1
Photo 12
Photo 24
uan restaurant
Photo 4
Waterfall at Doi Inthanon
In the Orchid Farm
Trek, day 2
Ik met gouden haar
J loves this pic!
J paid for this pic and feels horrible about it but they were so cute!
Nate with the Wat
Big prayer bells
Pretty neat
Our Favorite pic from the day
Good thing our elephants were friends
Such a good boy!
Elephant love!
Bath time
Walking Boone
Boone getting clean
Don't eat me!
Pretty Wat
I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna eat a larva
hot and sour soup
Where the monks were chanting
Nate in heaven
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